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Home / News > Winter coat is the most important thing is how to match shoes


Winter coat is the most important thing is how to match shoes

To know the coat so expensive, can not be destroyed cheap nike shoes with the match, but one of the most crucial point is the shoes. Wearing a pair of shoes, walking all the wind, airfield properly 1 meter 8; and wear the wrong shoes, expensive coat can also be pulled down the grade, the whole person also looks particularly insipid. Anyway, boots are the best companions for coats at any time, especially those with knee boots and coats to highlight the fashion in minutes. The premise is the right mix. This combination of classic can always make the short guy MM cheap nike shoes immediately show a good tall body, not only warm and stylish, but also to create the golden ratio, stretching the height of the legs, extremely easy to use. A pair of white shoes, is the influx of people essential models. Used to match the coat is no better, and there is a lazy nike shop revealed a sense of fashion. Thick coats with white shoes, it seems not random but in fact it looks good!

Parker coat comes with the cheap nike air max property is a neutral wind single product, and knee boots on the contrary, it belongs to a full feminine, when our army green coat with sexy knee boots, and can be well stretched Body proportions, enjoy the fairy show tall body Our little fairy do not have to be afraid of this match will look too handsome.