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Home / News > Why do women wear high heels sexy? We are wrong!


Why do women wear high heels sexy? We are wrong!

High heels is the majority of women like the costumes, to see the T stage, the vast majority of models are wearing ultra-fine high-heeled shoes, lebron 14 high heels to strengthen the ability of women trapped, like a slogan to wear high heels , Full of feminine taste. Want to answer this question, let us look at the difference between women wearing and not wearing high heels there. On the whole: wear high heels, women naturally Tingxiong Qiong hip, chest and buttocks two sexy parts are fully exposed. Speaking from the legs: high heels so that the height of a cheap nike shoes woman, especially the height of the leg seems to increase. Slender legs is a sexy representative; In addition, the toes are also a good part of the performance of sexy, many girls like toe nail polish, wearing a toe ribbed high-heeled sandals, more emphasis nike shoes for sale on a woman's sexy. A woman wearing high heels is not only show sexy feet, but also fully demonstrated the body of each sexy parts of the charm, so high heels can make you more sexy! High heels both shoes played a great good dotting effect, so that the shoe is more solid, better sense of hierarchy, the most important thing is to make the foot look smaller and more slender, longer legs

Sexy and elegant style, long standing or walking is not tired feet, how to wear all look! Pull long leg type, suitable for all kinds of foot type, each woman can control a high heels. Women wear high heels can improve the woman's sexy play the role of finishing touch. High heels originated in the 17th century French palace clothing, later spread to the United States. Started in the city of New Orleans, influenced by the French influence. Where the woman found that wearing high heels sisters than the guests do not wear much more. And then all the women wear high heels battle. After this fashionable spread to ordinary urban women, affecting the entire US and Europe. Uppers elegant bow decoration, the use of customer for the material, exquisite handmade, sweet and elegant temperament, wear more add a charming and elegant. Of course, is the best sexy, what is the sexy high heels it? Recommended heel must be high, at least 10 cm above the heel must be fine, it is best now popular metal fine with, and the best choice of exposed toe with sandals, or knee boots. It is black nike shoes recommended that each woman in their own bedside prepared a pair of such shoes, and for bed use, the best usually do not wear to keep it clean and bright.