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Home / News > What is wrong with that? That's because you do not have this pair of high heels!


What is wrong with that? That's because you do not have this pair of high heels!

Crush the most heart of the summer is finally come to the sun, when exposed to the legs of the time, this is a show you can enjoy the charm of the good season it! We not only want to wear good-looking, small details of the feet, can not fall friends. Summer, few pairs of high-heeled sandals to nike sale help out, certainly not da, some skirts do not have high heels blessing, simply can not afford the gas field is good. And nike clearance a pair of suitable high-heeled sandals, can help you lengthen the length of the ankle, so that your body becomes more perfect, so that you look more tall Oh Oh And it can highlight your temperament and taste, to know the body and looks are always one day away from you, only temperament is eternal sprinkle. If you want to wear these eye-catching sandals, First of all, you'd better go to the nail salon, take care of your toes, do under the nail nike shop painting, so gorgeous debut! The word with a sandals can be really simple and not simple Kazakhstan, it is very powerful wild, from casual wear to commuter equipment or even dinner, there is no it uncertain situation. Here to pay attention to Kazakhstan, the word with sandals because the instep is not nike shoes men bound, so the feet are also very good to wear high

So simple a sandals, I think you can and your wardrobe inside any set of look match, do not believe open your wardrobe to try it! Although simple, but still quite distinctive that Oh Too little fine with too small family gas, or want to go to the gas field 1 m 8, then, and mold to learn high-heeled sandals to wear. Thick high-heeled sandals unique retro flavor and modern sense, making it inadvertently among the ranks of fashion people. It is quite wild, whether it is with skirts, or pants, it can give you the effect you want. Fine with sandals, although sexy soft, but thick sandals in fact more personality and diverse it It looks no fine high with the "step by step startling", of course, do not seem to be too casual with flat shoes This pair of fine workmanship, exquisite design with coarse sandals can be from the daily life, the perfect transition to the workplace leisure meeting, very classic. Slender straps echoes, or regular or casual winding in the ankle, sketched out a woman sexy and handsome side, with elegant skirt elegant, with pants fashion Chic has a look. But also a bit more handsome feeling.

Black strap shoes, very modern, but also very wild, basically this is not particularly casual skirt pants are not wrong to say. Cross straps gently wrapped around the instep, very woman said. US shoes and high and stable, so that your momentum superior, but also to go smooth, and its personality gorgeous and eye-catching, so you can walk comfortably. Super love this heel with the heel, not tiring, but also keep up with the high heels elegant wind