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Home / News > What are the benefits of custom leather shoes?


What are the benefits of custom leather shoes?

Leather shoes refer to shoes made of natural leather, leather or rubber, plastics, PU foam, PVC, etc. Shoes are processed by sewing and injection molding. Leather shoes are breathable, hygroscopic and hygienic. They are shoes of various types in footwear. Leather shoes are fitted with linings to reinforce the upper and prevent wear, and can absorb part of the sweat. The sole is composed of an outer sole, an inner sole, a semi-inner sole, a hook center, a cushion and a heart, which can isolate the foot from the ground and buffer the nike sale effect of the ground on the foot. The outsole is in direct contact with the ground and is subjected to various effects of bending, squeezing, friction, and the external environment. The insole directly bears the weight of the human body and transmits gravity to the outsole and the heel. The insole is bent and squeezed. The effect of friction is also affected by the perspiration of the feet, the humidity inside the shoes, the temperature, etc.; the hooks are fixed between the inner sole and the outer sole of the pelvis of the leather shoes to reinforce the back of the shoes and support the arches of the shoes. The nest has a certain degree of elasticity and maintains the position and shape of the sole and the heel. The liner and the nike factory store heart are used to fill the joint between the sole and the insole to improve the cushioning and thermal insulation of the sole. The main heel is located between the upper and the lining of the heel of the back of the shoe. The main heel is thin and elastic at the mouth, and can gently hold the upper part of the heel. The shoes don't come off with the feet when they are worn. The heel protects the heel of the outsole from the wear and destruction of the upper part of the joint, reduces the contact area between the sole and the ground, reduces the thermal conductivity of the leather shoes, and prevents the water on the ground from entering the shoe from the heel and flank.

Custom leather shoes to make leather shoes have a longer service life, should be done to prevent scratching by sharp objects, pay attention when wearing.

1. Avoid meeting high temperatures. Do not use fire or expose to strong sunlight.

2, strengthen maintenance. To remove dirt from the vamp, apply shoe polish, try to avoid meeting with water, and prevent mold during storage.

3, let the shoes have a certain interval of rest. Leather shoes, like people, also need rest. * There are several air max 90 pairs of shoes rotation wear, so that the shoes have a certain interval of rest time, this will make it less damaged, help to restore the original deformation shoes.

4, light-colored shoes should pay attention to anti-pollution. Because light-colored shoes once dirty, it is difficult to restore its original color. The correct method of nursing high-quality leather shoes is to use a soft cloth or shoe brush to remove the dirt on the leather shoes, and then wipe with the same color shoe cream or shoe polish. Do not use corrosive cleaning agents. It is not suitable to wear the same pair of shoes for a long time. Therefore, the leather shoes passed through the future and they were replaced. The bulging leather fibers were retracted, stretched and creased, and the moisture inside the shoes was evaporated.

Hand-made leather shoes After wearing custom-made leather shoes, wear them regularly with the cream of the same color. After naturally drying for a few minutes, use a cloth or shoe brush to give a natural glow. Always keep your shoes dry. If the shoes get wet, apply a dry cloth to wipe off the water inside the shoes and put it in a cool place. Let it dry naturally. Do not expose it to the sun. For long periods of storage, shoes should be put on the shoe or paper should be used to cover the skin. Brushed leather, cashmere, and bovine suede brushed along the comb (brushed leather can be pulled with a hard brush, cashmere, bovine suede can be used soft brush pull), the appearance of surface whitening, salt frost and nike outlet store other phenomena, can Lightly wipe with a soft, soft cloth and vinegar, then apply the same colored shoe cream to dry. The dyed inner lining of leather shoes, if water, moisture and friction, sometimes fade, which is normal. Leather shoes must avoid contact with acids, alkalis, salt, oil and other substances to prevent surface damage, affecting the appearance of beauty and leather shoes life. The durability of leather shoes is related to the number of times the oil is rubbed. The upper of the old leather shoes has been wrinkled and cracked, and it needs more oil. Generally, the oil is rubbed four or five times a month to keep the uppers clean and smooth.