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Home / News > Wearing so many years of high heels, you really will pick it


Wearing so many years of high heels, you really will pick it

There is no and Xiao Bian, every time you see the girls do not wear high heels both show legs long tall and elegant time, always secretly sigh, why do not he wear high heels life? And finally in Xiaobian again and again cheap nike shoes not willing to learn the case, learned some selection of high heels common sense, so that the baby has finally had the opportunity to wear comfortable high heels, want to know the selection of high heels skills? Xiaobian quietly tell you ~ sure you wear the right shoes to buy high heels before, be black and white nikes sure to try! Not only the size of the brand shoes have a gap, foot size will change over time. So, it emphasizes that although online shopping is now more and more developed, but did not try to buy high heels directly, the risk of suffering from feet up to 99%! The more the upper cover the more shoes to wear the better Although some high heels have their own unique beauty, but only the distance can not be gambling Yan Yan, buy shoes must pay attention to cover a larger black and white nikes area, or a shoelace shoes Actually more comfortable. The actual experience to see, high-heeled ankle boots with high-heeled sandals, wear comfortable really much worse.

Try to choose thicker with, fine with easy to wear every day although the slender heel looks very charming, but nike sneakers its support is still far less than thick with high heels, if you wear fine heels every day, in fact, more likely to produce calf muscles, Appear leg pain and so on. Thick bottom than the thin end of the style better wear soles too thin, excellent, will make your feet very uncomfortable! A little thicker at the end, such as a moderate waterproof platform or an increase in the design of the shock pad, can walk around for you to absorb, reduce foot pressure and injury.