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Wear thick heels, stylish with no timidity!

For girls, the trendy shoes are always concave shape weapon, high heels but hard to control the good-looking, and now popular retro thick heels, fashion essentials that can not be missed is the trend of a single product. In the trend of retro trend of the wind, very European and American temperament thick heel shoes, became cheap nike air max a highlight of the girls tide burst the streets, when some people can not understand the thick heels, it has long been popular in Europe and the United States Mess, whims, but no lack of femininity, with pants and dresses can calmly nike store deal with. Thick heels have been popular around the world rhythm, steady reveals a modern temperament, the classic style still get a lot of eye-catching. This is made of the first layer of cowhide leather with Chelsea boots, comfortable wild, highlight the tall body, walking steady and not tiring.

Rough nike outlet store with shoes in this year is very popular, not only is the new darling of all the way the bloggers, the streets are mostly girls with rough feet, good to wear not tacky. After the zipper design with yellow-resistant department, the geometry can be used throughout the winter with elegant, literary super-explicit temperament. This year's hottest match is this thick with shoes, tube stockings, the perfect combination of socks and boots trendy to fly. This short boots tight mouth design, it appears slender slender legs, sketched foot shape, comfortable dress and elegant atmosphere. Female life again like a girl, but also still can not resist the heart of the girl heart lazy, see this wavy boots, instantly attracted. Soft suede texture, with the favorite pink, workplace OL must have! The upper body looks slender slender legs, especially with a perfect dress. In the winter with the shoes, the boots itself is the protagonist, compared to flat shoes, this section is also considered the princess thick with the feel. Streamlined design of the appearance, simple atmosphere, nike trainers stitching process with a zipper, even more lovely tender, high-heeled apparently allows women to bid farewell to mediocrity.