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Home / News > This year the popular word buckle small rough with, captured the living beings


This year the popular word buckle small rough with, captured the living beings

High heels is the favorite of every girl, especially in the summer when the need for legs, go out must be accompanied by a high heels, in order to support the gas field, but this black and white nikes year's high-heeled shoes particularly popular buckle, for this type The shoes I like very rough with, on the one hand wearing comfortable, walking will not be too tired, but also to achieve the effect of increased. High heels can not only enhance the temperament and image, but also allow the whole person to see the spirit of opening a lot, but how to choose high heels for their own pair of it? Shallow mouth of the shoes can be a good show of the feet of the United States and the United States, the fabric is very soft, so do not wear the grinding feet Oh, fresh and natural color, wear it very age, the foot effect is obvious, this summer this pair of shoes enough. First of all, or the height of the shoes and with the type, 7 cm or more can be called high-heeled, 7 cm or less in the heel, heel can be divided into rough and fine with two. Shoes wear very thin, the best place is the bow design, not only is a good decoration but also with a girl's cute cute, not monotonous, one-button design to wear a very fit, walking is also convenient.

High heels is best to choose a well-known brand but not necessarily what big, at least to ensure the quality and comfort of shoes, because the high heels itself is more tired to wear, it is best to have a waterproof platform can reduce the pressure of the foot. Full of retro Mary Jane shoes in this season is really fashionable ah, this shoe looks very fashionable grade, and the word buckle classic is not generous temperament, material is also very comfortable to wear, modified feet very thin The If you first choose high heels, it is recommended starting from the slope, and then in the heel, slowly to the high heel, if often wear high heels, you can choose any matter, but pay attention, do not wear long shoes too long. A pair of retro Mary Jane shoes can reflect the combination of modern and classical, full of charm, fashion small patent leather, good care, the color is also very Western style, heel hollow is very personal, very comfortable feet and do not pick people, Up a few centimeters is not a problem.

In general, white and light is the most wild, bright colors for fashionable young women, daily wear style can be simple and elegant. Rough with the elements so that you walk all day will not feel tired, simple elements of the fashion and the atmosphere, and not pick people, but also modified foot type, the foot is very temperament, the most important thing is that this shoe Is to wear comfortable and will not feel grinding feet. The middle of the girl, the height of the girls are applicable to the high number of girls in daily life is not recommended to wear high heel, or really kind of stand out of the rush, low head of the girls suggested not to wear too high fine shoes, Sweet and low will be very cute Oh, the legs are thicker people do not wear ultra-fine with, people will feel that the heel is jack, it is recommended to choose rough with the appropriate calm and yet beauty. The design of the word buckle this year's design sense are out, although it is simple style, but it is this simple style was wild, stitching design is also very personal yo, so simple little retro tune in the summer do not need Zhang Yang is very prominent.