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Home / News > This summer is still wearing sandals you out!


This summer is still wearing sandals you out!

Into the summer of the first priority, of course, is to embrace the elements of the summer. Just heard fisherman shoes, may think it is the beach fisherman wearing shoes. In fact, the fisherman's English is Espadrilles, meaning that hemp shoes, initially a group of French workers in order to deal with the dry hot season and create a shoe. So u! The It is really really very comfortable and heat! Although there is a very remote but also with the name of the fragrant soil, but now the fisherman shoes in fact a lot of fashionable style. Angel AA had changed a variety of patterns through, every day without heavy ~ ~

Fisherman shoes men and women can, and always harmoniously cheap nike air max mix and match different elements, different single product. Said above a foot fisherman shoes more man, with pants can range from children ~ and fisherman shoes is the most take a variety of stripes elements, lebron 13 fringes fisherman shoes, through several years still feel fashionable fashion the most fashionable The fine stripes will be more delicate than the coarse stripes, which is why air max the thick striped fisherman shoes are mostly male models of the reasons. nike sale Striped fisherman shoes look a bit Tom boy wind, which red and dark blue of the most wild, small white dress jeans, put on are very clean. And because the shoe design is relatively shallow, this shoe has always been a sharp legs legs sharp weapon. Slope and thick shoes has been a single product of the summer mine area, mainly because the soles of a heavy, the overall shape will be a lack of light sense. But the fisherman's shoes because of the color of the soles of the earth close to the ground, so put on the basic have a net increase of 10 cm effect. The best choice of nude color of the upper, unless it is all black shape, or do not choose black models.

Fisherman shoes inside the least female soft is a variety of Laced up, probably with coarse straps and fine straps two, thick straps show legs fine, fine straps will be more sexy, with short skirt special sweet and tender. If you do not like too feminine, want to match pants, be sure to remember the longest but ankle pants, or will look very dirty. Although the fisherman shoes are summer shoes, but the cake is not recommended rainy day wear. Because after the rain, the hemp sole easy to bubble hair, it is difficult to dry and a slight deformation. And because the horse is easy to moisture, easy to sweat students need regular exposure, or will become Hong Kong feet Oh ~