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These shoes take you to the floor to go

Said to come and go for a walk, but in order to get away comfortably, a pair of lightweight shoes in the travel is very important, Xiao Bian today to share with you, in the travel How to choose shoes First of all, there are several taboos to keep in mind the election shoes travel: a bogey soft, walking in the shoes to wear such a walk, will soon feel sore. Encounter mountain climbing, a little careless, rocks will put bad feet, bring unnecessary trouble. Second, avoid no shoelaces, many nike shox women tourists love to wear shoes, so that not only easy to make shoes fall, but also easily twisted feet. Three bogey shoe size small, all black nike shoes people walking, the foot will be slightly swollen, so travel rather wear shoes rather big, not small, so as to avoid discomfort. Four avoid airtight, walking more easily after a sweat, so to choose a good breathable sneakers; avoid wearing all-plastic rubber shoes, sweat more wear these shoes, the line easy to slippery. Because the majority of athletic shoes thick foam cotton plus rubber soles, wearing comfortable does not shampoo, stepping light and convenient. However, most of its upper is nylon or breathable fabric, not high water resistance, it is only suitable for hiking, climbing or general travel.

Innovative technology, ultra-light design, allowing you to move more convenient and more light. Memory-type insole, comfortable cushioning, enhanced version of 5GEN outsole, cushioning effect is better, hollow tread sole design, wear resistance, allowing you to move more robust. Upper use of gauze stretch fabric, comfortable and gentle, breathable. Shoes color fashion, full of vitality. For example, a kind of soft bottom boots, this shoe soles better material, strong grip, toe curvature of the arc can be large, soles into more to strengthen the stability of ankle stereotypes iron sheet, made of waterproof breathable fabric made the best ; Soft body shoes, even if the first wear it, but also immediately walk up the mountain will not wear feet, suitable for long-distance walking trip. Women's light boots, intensive in the end, to strengthen the cushioning, can be timely and effective rebound, soles shock absorption wear. Anti-fur uppers, easy to wear. Shoe lace design, enhance the overall sense of fashion. Comfortable lightweight nike factory store design boots, easy to wear off. Black, red, yellow three colors, simple and elegant, fashionable sense up.

It is particularly suitable for those who do not like to wear summer sports shoes, sports shoes style, because the boat heel shoes and general platform shoes different from the height difference between the forefoot and heel of the relative teach small, the bottom are wide, will not clip Feet, walking is not tired. Upper anchor clip design, fashion personality, scattered scattered with the deduction of the shoe body, so that the shoes have a bright spot, toe with cotton rope played a decorative splicing role. Silver paint brush border and peanut lines soles, new and unique. Sheepskin inside, nike factory store comfortable and skin friendly breathable. Canvas shoes is also a good choice, canvas shoes usually have a memory foam soled soft soles walking, very suitable for twenty thousand steps. Shoes themselves light, casual style, with travel apparel is also better with jeans, skirts are free to switch. However, canvas shoes also have some disadvantages, it is not suitable for activities of greater intensity of travel, such as mountaineering. And the upper fabric is not easy to take care of dirty cloth. It is suitable for short-distance travel wear. Wild fashion red canvas shoes, stylish trendy, 360-degree all-around Wild King. Rubber sole, soft and thick, comfortable fit. Vamp fabric light breathable, comfortable to wear. Maizhao light. Spell color design, simple atmosphere. Dense honeycomb sole design, effectively enhance the friction on the ground, non-slip wear-resistant, allowing you to walk more peace of mind.