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Home / News > The shoes did not wear right, how to wear pants are not good!


The shoes did not wear right, how to wear pants are not good!

Many are afraid of cold, thick legs, girls like nikes on sale to wear pants, not only can warm the legs can be modified, but also this year is particularly popular jacket with wide leg pants, bell-bottoms, but each time with a good preparation to go out and headache, Read the rows of shoes, did not even know what shoes with. The following small series to tell you three common and stylish "pants + shoes" with the skills ~ Do not rush after the winter put away your nine points bell-bottoms, the original and boots with, stylish, nice, thin effect Proper! Boots + nine points bell-bottoms, but this winter's most fashionable with CP too! Boots the best choice to tighten the ankle boots, socks like now popular is very good. The length of the bell-bottoms and the length between the ankles and heels knock on the benefits, stylish and not frozen ankle. Compared to pure black and denim blue Check, it seems a bit different, capable and handsome gray Check pattern with the modern flare-type, on the more feminine charm. Hem pants design, the role of lengthening, so legs look straight and slender! Winter overall color is relatively simple and deep, black as the basic color, discount nike shoes with any color, has always been the pursuit of simple lower body, of course, pure black pants, regardless of your leg type is good-looking, black bell bottoms will be able to solve all the legs Department of the problem, was high and thin!

With so many lebron 14 fashion, but to say both the comfortable and the gas field with a certain non-wide-leg pants + no other than sports shoes, stylish four seasons can wear wild, in the past two years has been numerous ring powder! Wide-leg pants with shoes, this combination is the essence of French easy chic, with the nature, refined and monotonous, passing a natural beauty. To wear a different mood or to create a visual sense of abundance, add accessories embellishment or mix with the coat is the best. However, a small man must pay attention to the length of the coat and wide leg pants ratio. In general, the coat hem is at least half leg wide leg pants distance. This extended version of the lebron james shoes straight leg pants on the modified leg is simply full marks, whether you are big ass, big thick legs, or X-type legs, O-legs, can be modified to create the perfect leg type is not to be missed pants type, Extended version of the legs can be stretched, raised the waist high waist, you want to keep the same high are difficult. Many people wear winter boots, not only shows a slender legs, but also handsome and warm, but this is the thin girl daring presumptuous match ah! Thick leg girl can not afford to hurt! Thick legs, then put on a long section of the jacket, cover the buttocks and thighs, as long as you show a slim calf enough thin it!