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Home / News > The liberation of his feet, cat and heels do not wear a day tired


The liberation of his feet, cat and heels do not wear a day tired

When we take off the monotonous little white shoes when they do not know what kind of shoes to look concave, and then quietly put on high heels or loose shoes. In fact, when you lebron 13 are still taking the classic, fashionable people have begun to have a new favorite, that is, cat heels. What is a cat heels? The unique place is in the heel, the classic 3 cm or so, so that the shoes are not high not short, just wear elegant and type. Why cat heels this year, especially popular? Look at the appearance of this pair of shoes to know, whether it is street shooting or fashion week are indispensable figure. If tired of the high heels every day, then the cat heel is a good choice, exquisite small heel, wear comfortable and elegant yet elegant.

Shoes in this year's exposure is really very much, long toe and fashionable British customs buckle, so that this shoe became the influx nike shox of people all black nike shoes fashionable street shooting a single product. Classic pointed shoes can be said to be synonymous with sexy, classic shallow mouth design to increase the banding elements, retro and high street, wear a long time will not be tired. Bright orange can be said to be more popular this year, a color, classic fashionable shallow mouth style, pointed design, wear to give a vibrant feeling. White high heels to wear is very elegant, simple yet fashionable sense, streamlined heel even if the shopping is not tired, with a pair of jeans fashionable. One at this time, the sister who would have to wear shallow shoes, this shoe style is cheap nike shoes very simple, lotus root pink slightly cute little, the shoes are relatively sweet style.

Want to wear some of the wild or more bold, so that the shoes are also a good choice, personalized rivets decorative shoes edge, looks full of gas.