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Home / News > Tell you how to wear shoes in winter, warm and stylish addition to wet feet


Tell you how to wear shoes in winter, warm and stylish addition to wet feet

Tell you how to wear shoes in winter, warm and stylish addition to wet feet. Winter is coming, we are not the most annoying low nike clearance temperature, but the next rain, even if the umbrella, trousers, shoes are still wet, wet and cold feeling, so extraordinarily annoying this season. This time on a pair of walking out of the rain boots to go out, not only to remove the "wet foot" plagued, more able to transform the type of men and women! Fashionable popular models - Chelsea boots, must not miss fashion tips is to have a pair of ultimate casual boots, Compared with the previous flat-bottomed round, the wedge appears a little nike sale different, but think about the equestrian sport is how noble, you can understand the swaying slope of the ladies complex.

When the Chelsea boots were evolved into Chelsea style, had a record for the Beatles meritorious service, where the splicing car line with angular texture, so that the flat round head and the side of the lazy latent latent suddenly mutiny super rebel , As if permeated with metal-like sonorous romance. What is the contrast of the white gangster eye-catching, but the splicing lace small but pure people heartless, very clean look can not help but think of the most reluctant to say goodbye to youth, while pure and fresh side, while the vitality is true , Modern fashion favorite college style. Square head can be so cute, have to admit that the big streamlines unique, like a very European and American design, but the square has a round of fine to fine new ideas, and take the sweater to become a big card empathy, preference The cocoon-type loose wide-legged, Chelsea boots metamorphosis came into being also reasonable. nike clearance store Lace nike store high to help increase the high boots, boots and sports shoes are also in the trendy era of sports for the wild, had to say that saving money and love, but save money to save money, but can not save the fashion Aspect, creative picks National wind geometry stitching, itself is a rare fashion. With the combination of thick Chelsea boots, comfort concept is absolutely better than ever before, from the classic but more comfortable than the classic as if the double again, but more than the shoes of aristocratic content, it is the most up-to-date rate Enjoy the classic and stylish no one more than anyone else. Dynamic and stylish organic combination is definitely a wise choice, different from the major brands Mingliyiliyudao beyond too difficult, but ubiquitous logo aura, unique small minority romantic like Xiaojiabiyu like warmth, personality is definitely not lost High Street is the original burn money. So that sports like dancing happy body and mind, so if you do not say that soft-line dance shoes can feel a lot of lines, even walking can also be seen through the light-hearted dance, Lazy idle, before and after the separation of the soles streamlines can also make the style of passion full.