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Home / News > Summer season, the fall of the classic single product to the edge of


Summer season, the fall of the classic single product to the edge of

Heat slightly cool cool gradually, unknowingly went to season, not fashionable to see how to deal with the embarrassment of the dress nike store season. Summer can continue to serve, different season, although a single product combination of burning brain but also full of fun and mix, the shape can not see the color of the main design and matching with the effect. Autumn a single product there are many, this time the main point of view in the next season, two of nike outlet online them. Denim jacket to wear a single product outside the summer, a single product can be printed as a bright spot, the other for the basis of the sound or classic models, seasonal concave shape is not tired can be very simple. Cowboy jacket development so far, with everything is possible to join the banding elements embellishment, gray and gray blue composition of the most attractive Morandi color, is a retro art sense of fashion colors, with the same color echo also, And black and white single product is not wrong. In the classic style to join the plant embroidery embellishment, soft lady Fan and tough neutral tone to reconcile the overall more refined full of vitality, with short under the long legs are guaranteed, take the simple basic focus on highlighting the fine embroidery.

The small ring and the tail of the modified, low-key highlights the delicate and casual, chic ring button is also refreshing, with high waist to build a nine-body good proportion The Small fragrance of the flag of the burrs used in the cowboy is also not against the contrary, but has a different kind of chic charm, both the abundance of the cowboy edge, while the introverted style and to, take the skirt full of feminine, with pants Reckless and elegant. It is cool in the darkness of the black and hit the color line, sweet is the color mosaic, a little reconciliation on nike shop the extra vivid color, two different styles of collision, is bound to stunning, with a large contrast white single product, Sound and color of the play cool.

Summer can not consider the coolness of the good short-sleeved, wide cuffs rich body contours, but also help the arm was thin, perspective gauze and elastic knitting different material collision, so black is not monotonous and unique charm and mystery, simple With the dress is very nike outlet taste. With the nature of the rags plus sleep do not wake up type, seemingly casually grab a set on the body, but it is carefully carved after the rate of flying, such a black is not plain, with full of personality flavor of the street atmosphere, Sexy or handsome unpredictable