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Spring is a blessing shoe has arrived

All the recovery of the season, in addition to the liberation of the body, not in the three layers of three layers of clothes wrapped tightly, feet can finally be comfortable and breathable, and all kinds of heavy boots boots shoes, etc. Goodbye, now is the world's music shoes, to cope with many occasions are their capability, comfortable + wild is its greatest feature. If you worry about the blessing shoes look more than the leisurely, and calm enough to choose the leather material can be instantly to move closer to the high, the upper shine shining with a touch of light, retro and light the charm of continuous, tassels and bow Add infinite mood. There is a place where flowers are beautiful and beautiful scenery, ingenuity of the flowers decoration, not only three-dimensional type, giving a deep impression, and to avoid appear too neutral, minutes and bright spring echoes, good mood can not hide, simply It is revealed.

Plus sequins to do embellishment, both out of monotonous move, but also highlight the personality of the means, want to capture the audience's sight is not difficult, in the case of pants too dull, a pair of shoes can fill the lack of download, so the overall The score will not be affected. This year the fashion industry wantonly use color elements, Le Fu shoes also apply, to abandon the commonly used dark tone, bold into the bright and bright colors, and the formation of a strong contrast, visual nike factory store impact is different from the previous freshness and fun, vitality The It is called "a pedal" Although the vulgar point, but let the feet get practical enjoyment that is the most practical benefits, not to mention the name does not mean that no taste, many street shooting inside can see To its shadow, can be casual, fashionable, flexible use, the image changeable.

It is undeniable that in the colorful spring, bling bling of a single product is to high-profile eye-catching, dazzling but not fancy, the first time to stimulate your paralyzed long nerve, shiny appearance of fresh and age, as if to go From the road to the feet with the breeze, so light and comfortable. The advantage of wearing light makes you even use it instead of sports shoes is not an exaggeration, the unique straw boots to wear you through the past that love hand sewing shoes age, at first glance seems a bit simple, careful observation can be realized Tradition and the combination of modern ideas.