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Spend the summer with the best shoes to wear

Straps shoes quietly become a popular section, shallow mouth strap shoes not only will not be the length of the legs to life, cut the presence of the tip can also be a certain degree of elongation of the proportion of legs. Soft flat easy to wear, even jumping to walk to say there is no pressure. But if the calf is relatively thick, then it is recommended that the girl with nine pants or dress to fill short board. For the baking cake has been like not up, but its arrogant effect and far from the ground insulation effect has become it can still survive the strong reason. Two slightly exaggerated Velcro feet to modify their feet were exquisite small, combined with ergonomic design of the curvature of the soles to walk into a kind of enjoyment, only starting from these two points, but also feel that you can not buy it.

Thin bottom of the open-toed sandals or even more of the palace's favor, after all, the summer is like a refreshing master, how simple how to light how to come. Light brown upper + simple style design classic wild, the existence of flat down the possibility of suffering from the feet, at least and when the girlfriend and go shopping when it is not like a high heels as grinding people. The next mention of the height of the coarse sandals are about 3-5 cm, this height for walking and standing will not have much impact. Small fragrant wind nude color with sandals beautiful atmosphere, to a certain extent, can extend the length of the calf, with skirt pants all under the words. Secretly tell you that this shoe can make small thick legs look more fine Oh.

The word with the thick sandals noble and elegant, simple to the extreme when the extravagance will naturally reveal. Rough with the existence of high heels become good to wear, standing posture also looks extraordinary temperament. But this style of the feet even the toes of the aesthetic degree has a higher demand, if the foot is not good enough, it is better to move forward to see the next one.

Square head shallow shoes have a strong ballet shoes temperament, which is this year's hot models, and it can cover the ugly toes, the overall package of feet, to create an artistic atmosphere. Just to cover the toe seam last to the maximum leg to the lower leg, making the calf length ratio increases, the beauty also will be expanded. Well, omnipotent good to wear good white shoes is definitely you think of the baby. Who do not know what time to wear shoes when wearing a small white shoes right. Its comfort from the Needless to say, you can see the focus on the shoes for a long time will not be stinky, and the material is really genuine on the line.

There is a romantic thing in the world is to wear a couple with his wife, you can wear each of the clothes, and then wear a pair of small white shoes to show good love, which can be more than the lovers look Hanqi more Low-key more. If you want to emphasize nike store the existence of lovers shoes, may wish to show a little ankle with him, without high-profile publicity, the eyes will see. Joined the stripes decorated little white shoes more dynamic, if only the tail of the color of the small white shoes is a quiet little girl, then the striped section of the small white shoes is more active in the basketball court on the little handsome guy. If you ask me how to choose, I will tell you two pairs I have, obviously different styles, they can coexist in the shoe cabinet da!