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Home / News > So with, so you have one meter eight big legs Oh!


So with, so you have one meter eight big legs Oh!

But also to the season of the moment, but also to I do not know what to wear when this time how can we get a pair of wild ankle boots? Ah, a lot of MM do not like ankle boots, that they are not a good match or look thick legs. In fact, as long as the election on the same style is thin! And in this popular ankle boots in the world, or to follow cheap nikes the trend drops. Speaking of ankle boots, the cheap nike sneakers first thought is that this high-heeled ankle boots, it will not only show legs long, and very good with. When you wear this high-heeled boots dressed in windbreaker walking in the street, keep the rate is very high, very strong gas field Oh! This can not only with the windbreaker, but also with a long new nike shoes section of knitted skirt, just reveal the sexy calf. With the effect is definitely not you through the! Similar to this and ankle boots, with the time must be careful not to wear jeans to go out Oh, no matter how good your body, will certainly look you and short and fat! That usually we can pack with hip skirt, revealing ankle, highlighting a woman's small sexy! Note Oh! Wear this kind of boots do not wear socks it!

Boots can be considered an ankle boots, this kind of boots can choose flat with, wearing neither tired nor difficult to match! Pingxiang work Ye Hao shopping Ye Hao, the most common ride is jeans to take boots. Pay attention to the jeans trousers slightly up to pull up, cheap nike shoes and instantly can enhance the length of the leg from the yo, especially for the little man of the MM, the best is a high waist pants with boots, the visual instantaneous increase Oh! Of course, with pantyhose on another matter ... ...