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Home / News > Small white shoes easy to dirty? That is because you do not know these 5 strokes!


Small white shoes easy to dirty? That is because you do not know these 5 strokes!

A tide white, when you racked your brain also concave a beautiful outfit, choose a pair of white shoes it. Look from the feet, fresh and clean white shoes, will allow you to "decent" a score Biao out a satisfactory score. But there are a lot of people in this world are afraid of small white shoes, there is only one reason: too easy to dirty! And wash the inexplicable yellow! When you want to put on your little white shoes to go out in the waves, do not forget to give it a protective film coating, the use of talcum powder, evenly sprinkled in all parts of the upper, and then lightly applied to create a small white shoes Protection of powder, lebron 13 talcum powder inside the talcum powder ingredients will make your love shoes to avoid the maximum dust, the shoes can be appropriate to sprinkle some, there will be a very good deodorant to keep dry Oh. In 1973, there is a mention in the waterproofing technology which is not bad to waterproof the suede cowhide so as to achieve the antifouling and waterproofing effect. Because the wax is solid grease, fearless of water, and the solid coating can prevent certain abrasion of the shoe body, for the oil also has a good role in the dissolution barrier, you can put off the white wax at home wish lights, rub in the small White shoes, with hot cheap nikes hair blowing melt, dry, not only beautiful but also anti-fouling waterproof! White shoes the most easy to discredit the place is nike sneakers the edge of the shoe along that circle, remove some of itchy legs walking brothers like to kick the stone, resulting in irreparable black seal, the normal are some dirty mud, dust, and with each Kind of martial arts 鍓?rub some surface attached to the body. This time as long as you come up with art eraser, wipe it repeatedly ok. Because these attachments will rub dust along with rubbing dust, soil to soil.

Toothpaste has been able to play a small white shoes effective cleaning, mainly due to its there are numerous friction particles, such as silica, aluminum hydroxide, dolomite, calcium carbonate, these substances have very little water solubility, And the particles are extremely delicate, with the toothbrush can penetrate the roots of stains, reaching deep clean function. At the same time nike factory store there is a certain amount of oxidants, to your love shoes unique whitening blessing! Clean white shoes, we routine cleaning routine is wet later use detergent or soap to clean love shoes, can really wash, but very Easy to cause soapy water or liquid detergent residue, so drying, white shoe material in the retention solution is oxidized. This is also the main reason for yellowing white shoes. When you are drying a napkin with a mummy bound upper, you will find that all the yellow stains left in the shoes are sucked off the napkin. Your love shoes will be reborn!