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Home / News > Retro shoes, to your overall look Tim add literature and art


Retro shoes, to your overall look Tim add literature and art

This season, but our exclusive shoes show nike free run oh ~ compared to the sexy high heels, canvas shoes compared to the casual, Japanese shoes with a slightly older vintage colors with chic detail, always give people a bit unique Literary feel, and this time, if it is with a check on the coat, or a retro dress, are super nice ~ a pair of round platform shoes ~ simple upper trim with a unique cut stitching, enriched The overall sense of the shape, while the shoe week there is a circle of white alignment, and a little more a bit small personality, this time with a half-length skirt, super nice ~ slightly retro vintage charm of Martin boots, Long shoe design, we can well modify our legs, and straps with, and convenient for us to wear off, the interior also joined the plush stitching, so that we can walk in the cold winter ~ large Hot stitching hit color elements, how can less deduced in Martin boots? Classic Martin boots shoes, with two kinds of material stitching, forming a rich sense of hierarchy, while the soles are tough and wear-resistant rubber sole, so that we are more comfortable in the walk ~ the soft edges and Neutral British design combination, but also add a bit chic vintage taste ~ The toe Department has also been rub-off treatment, a bit of a sense of age, the sole is the use of wood grain color rubber sole, giving a Full of design sense of it ~

Simple slightly rough a pair of small shoes, although the tone is relatively simple, but the details of the design is very unique ~ Elastic tongue splicing at the splicing, when not tied directly to the foot, it will not fall, giving people A minimalist style, the words nike shoes for sale of the lace more a bit soft sister feel ~ full of flavor low shoes, upper with two kinds of material sewing, breaking the traditional design concept, the shoe week is The use of the same color of the alignment, not only played the role of reinforcement, but also some personality it, but the non-slip wear-resistant flat design, but also let us how to shopping are not exhausted ~ super resistant to a pair of shoes, simple Vamp with upper ankle buckle design, giving a sense of elegant art, and after repeated wear, but also produce a unique texture, the formation of an elegant natural beauty, it is nike factory store our daily out of the street nike factory store The best choice ~ Upper use of soft microfiber material, more comfortable to wear, and toe on the line element, but also add some soft sister feel, which is dense plush, soft touch package The whole foot, and then with the honeycomb pattern Design soles, walking at ease and comfortable -