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Home / News > Put on strap shoes, make you elegant to the toes!


Put on strap shoes, make you elegant to the toes!

Spring and summer this year in addition to small white shoes, small black shoes, the toe scenery of the most popular single product is absolutely non-binding shoes must go. Winding winding is the most can not ignore the role of the! This is why the straps of shoes can become a fashion girl love reasons. Delicate pointed, show the intellectual beauty, to show the charm of elegant queen. Sexy lace cover the upper, looming, gentle dream, elegant and generous; exquisite and full of artistic sense of the straps of the details, to break the regular dull high-heeled shoes. Lace highlights the design of high heels, feminine full lines, suede suede material, unique charm. Long lace can create a variety of shapes, work, dating, shopping can wear ~

Small round of the design, meticulous appearance, plenty of space wrapped around the toes, comfortable and yet stylish and elegant. Cleverly designed in the ankle long strap, pattern winding ankle, wireless extension of the foot lines, filling the tall nike sale sexy posture. Featured soft texture of the sheepskin, texture clear, comfortable and breathable, to create a temperament feminine. Comfortable thick with high-heeled design, just right with the comfort of high, perfect lengthening discount nike shoes leg lines. The use of wear-resistant high-quality rubber, into a unique anti-skid shading, shock and wear. Hollow strap design is a woman, suede spring popular color, the effect of the foot is very flash, absolutely eye-catching! Suede effect is very consistent with this autumn season, highlight the youthful vitality.

Classic favored striped sandals, presented in cross strap design. Into a unique anti-skid shading, solid non-slip. With 7.5CM thick with the design of the female foot soft lines, all out of the show, filling the customs million. Uppers with popular suede with personalized pointed design for the shoes to add a fashionable atmosphere. Stylish shoes with a beautiful fashion strap design, so that when you wear more tide. Playful snow pompon and the perfect combination of straps, early spring and less dynamic and dynamic. Graceful straps wrapped around the ankle, elegant was thin, suede and weaving double design, even more varied feminine. Pointed shoes are very good lengthening the leg curve, but also particularly good control of the flat - cross nike outlet nike shoes sale store lace design of a good outline of the curve of the legs ~ lap around a circle in the slender neck, mysterious Sexy ~ mix and match the taste of fun, you can make people instantly five years old. Wrap the straps to make your legs look particularly sexy sultry. 7cm fine with, walking can not keep with the steady.