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Home / News > Playing or Shu Shuai, denim jacket had the final say


Playing or Shu Shuai, denim jacket had the final say

But also to the year do not know what to wear the season, and this time how can we get a cowboy jacket, as the darling of the fashion industry, it is enough trend, enough classic, enough wild. Put it can be sweet Fan children, for a single product, but also can enjoy Shuashuai, so easy to wear a single product, just follow me with grass! (Br) suitable for concave shape, short section of the shoulder jacket denim jacket, put on the body was particularly temperament, the body is very beautiful, If you then with a pair of jeans, a pair of locomotives (br) boots, simply, men and women have to kill lebron james shoes the wood! If the cowboy jacket above with a few elements will be tied to what effect? It must be handsome! Cool it! But also carrying a bit smart and girl feeling. Let people put it down ah! In the match with a single product, can not be too complicated Oh! Otherwise it will grab the cowboy jacket gas field. Sometimes you must also like the simple style of the cowboy jacket, there are several sanding treatment is the best, if there is also brought their own effect of the cowboy jacket, I nike factory store will mad call. This basic style cowboy jacket, there is a sense of retro, I most like not know what to wear when a basic section, because how to ride is not wrong.

Mention the cowboy coat what you nike outlet online first thought of what is the "free, there is personality", yes, many cheap nike shoes holes, large area of raffiti, it is like a very young age, everyone loved an uninhibited Teenager, like a cowboy jacket like a memory of the juvenile as handsome. Loose version of the type, take a hooded sweater, which is the standard Korean actress wearing wear ah, youth filled really envious; washed white visual effects, very classic cowboy style, no matter what time to wear out Not too late! Different from the general denim jacket, this coat is a sense of design, the hem by hand cut, naturally formed an irregular visual effects, clean hair to be natural scattered, an increase of the whole denim jacket layering, with dress , The length of the short section, but also to enhance the waist, long high secret this cowboy jacket can also do!

It is the classic elements of the cowboy and jacket type, together, unlike the loose version, this kind of Slim version of the type, very atmospheric, if you want to attend a formal occasion, this is definitely on the choice, both sides of the cuff At the golden embroidery, so that the whole clothes to bid farewell to boring it! Cowboy jacket color really super praise, washed denim blue color, especially like the wind and light sky, very skin color, and bring their own small fresh effect; sleeves, shoulder delicate flowers embroidery, but also in the details Plus points, with a light yarn dress, small fresh standard with the right. Like the loose sister paper where? This cowboy jacket is really thin heart machine, the design of the big drop naturally formed a loose style, possession of the meat, but the first-class skill, recommended with a pair of small pants, on the loose tight, was thin wear easy!