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Home / News > On the maintenance of shoes, you should know things


On the maintenance of shoes, you should know things

?Newly bought shoes, if you wear a layer of shoe polish before wearing, you can make it long and smooth, and after a rub on the light. This is because the surface of the new shoes filled with pores, first with a shoe polish about to fill it, after rubbing up to save more effort. Shoes resistant to wear or not, with the number of times a lot of oil. Some people wear new shoes, they often rub oil, shoes, a big old oil. In fact, the old shoes have wrinkled wrinkles, but also need more rub oil. The general shoes in the monthly rub on the four or five times, so that both to maintain the upper smooth, but also to protect the leather. Especially after the shoes soaked in water, be sure to shoe polish. Rub the oil, use soft cloth and brush, do not use rough cloth and short hair hard brush; wrinkled or easy to wrinkle place to be more appropriate to wipe some oil, the front tip and heel can be wiped some oil. After the oil, first brush with a brush again, pause for a moment, and then wipe with soft cloth or cotton several times. It is best to apply the first night of shoe polish, the next morning and then rub, so that the upper can be bright and flexible. This is because the shoe oil in the turpentine and paraffin and other ingredients have been fully absorbed by the leather, played a role in protecting the leather. Do not pay too much oil and pay attention to the thickness of uniform, otherwise the shoes will be aliasing, leather surface will be spent. Shoes should always keep clean, do not stick the sludge; wear walking, do not run, do not jump, so as not to sharp sharp or hard objects to hurt the shoes; usually should be careful to avoid with the acid, alkali and other chemicals Contact to prevent damage to the upper.

The surface of nike air max the shoes nike shox clearance with dirt, must not use water or gasoline to wipe. Because the water can make the leather hardened, gasoline can make the oil contained in the volatile oil and crack. It is best to use a soft cloth or brush gently wipe the dirt after coated with a little Vaseline, and then repeatedly wipe the soft cloth, you can remove the dirt, and finally rub the shoe polish, you can bright as new. Shoes for a long time do not wear, leather has been hard, can be coated with nike outlet store some soil, butter is equal to the leather surface, can play the role of moisture. Do not wear a pair of shoes, it is best to have two pairs of wheels for wear. Because shoes (especially pigskin shoes) nike shox clearance to wear a long time with the foot type variant. Rotating with the wear, you can make a little deformation of the upper to get rest, so slowly restore, keep beautiful, durable.