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Home / News > New season on the shoe, these beautiful shoes make you a goddess!


New season on the shoe, these beautiful shoes make you a goddess!

One season is the season when the shoe is updated. It always feels that last year's style didn't like it after a season. If you are a girl, you can treat your stomach, but you can't spend less on outfits. Women do not. Dressing, not maintenance, the difference is not obvious in the twenties, but it will be late when you are old. What is the trend of women's nike factory outlet shoes in 2018? Let Xiaobian make a good analysis for you. Among the pop models popular this year, retro earth colors are very popular. Retro earth colors include skin tone, beige, brown and coke Sugar color, regardless of style and match are essential for human resources! The elements of the lotus leaf are generally nike air max sale used in clothes, and the lotus leaves are feminine. This year, the lotus leaf is combined with cascading and hollowing, and you will have unexpected surprises. The single product of this element is in the market. Has become a hot single product. The British Plaid style is the explosion of 2017. After 2018, it is bolder to use. It will continue to be the explosion model this year. The traditional Plaid and exquisite minimalist style is not easy to outdated and is very good. This is a British style shoes, square head design, gives a sense of retro, upper rivets, chic with fashion, lace design retro convenient, and it is also a wild single shoes With what clothes are suitable for Oh!

High-heeled shoes are styles of slope heels. nike sneakers They don't tire when worn, and red high-heeled shoes are also popular. With open-toed design, there is a small, sexy, and without bound toes, the shoes will be more comfortable to wear! Pearl shoes are made of high-quality BB velvet, with a simple and stylish, delicate texture and color, all show high quality, elegant pearl buckles, very tempting, sexy geometric rough, even if it is a long walk Feet are not discount nike shoes tired either. A lady's shoes, the hollow pattern of the mirror, the faint mysticism, and the versatility, it will be very comfortable and soft to wear, and the foot feels light and weightless. The flat shoes can also be worn as elegant as high-heeled shoes. Pointed shoes have been looked tired, it is better to try square head shoes, this square design of high heels, gives a retro fashion, square head design is also very good protection of the toes, so it will not be easy to scratch The diamond in the toe is very bright. Like the bright eyes of high-heeled shoes, but also the comfort of love flat shoes, this pair of shoes can give you this experience, its upper is decorated with dazzling sequins, really like Oh, high shoes will have a cool Feeling oh! Recently a lot of old shoes, simple style, do color stitching, instant fashion trend, a combination of several retro colors, special flavor, street shoot people love the style Oh !