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Home / News > Men's casual shoes how to maintain Men's casual shoes how to clean


Men's casual shoes how to maintain Men's casual shoes how to clean

How to wash men's casual shoes?

1. Separate shoes and shoelaces with neutral soap/powder. Remove the insole when washing shoes, gently scrub with a soft brush, and finally rinse.

2, the insoles toe down in the ventilated place to dry.

3, when the shoes are dry, the use of shoes will help shoes to restore the original shape; or put the newspaper in the shoes. The newspaper has a double effect, not only helps to restore the original shape, but also nike shox clearance can quickly absorb the moisture in the shoes.

4. Put the toe down towards the wall and dry it at a ventilated place under normal temperature. This will prevent water from immersing in the midsole foam. (Because the foam material is not easy to dry, it is recommended not to lay the wet shoes flat).

5. Take out the newspaper after the shoes are dry, and allow the men's shoes to dry for a while.

6, excessive nike outlet sun, hair dryer heat and improper care methods will reduce the life of the shoes, need attention.

Men's casual shoes how to match trousers look good, with casual shorts also look good?

The kind of pointed casual shoes is very fashionable. It is well coordinated with trousers or casual shorts. It is a British style. If you don't like this style, you can take a little simpler and the nike running shoes boys' sunshine is refreshing.

Deep coffee color fashion casual shoes, the body of the shoe is very very fine, the surface is a little suede, is the kind of jeans with a good foot or a pair of casual pants with good feet, for boys, what specific color ?

The casual trousers with a pair of feet look good to coordinate the overall leisurely nike sale style. Black or khaki's slacks and other clothes are also very cool, wearing dark pants. The upper body clothes are very well matched. Choose woolen trench coats, casual knit sweaters or down vests. The colors can be beige, milky, burgundy, or light gray.

Want to take the casual shoes beautifully, handsome, personality, on the one hand need to have their own unique insights, on the other hand is concerned with fashion trends and changes. So do not think casual shoes and fashion missed, because as long as the heart, and ordinary shoes will wear personality and fashion.