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Home / News > Lulu ankle out, wearing socks is a positive solution


Lulu ankle out, wearing socks is a positive solution

Exposed ankle wear method, has been much loved in the past few years, not only able to significantly higher but also significant income. However, as the Buddha 90 to tell you after, wear socks is a positive solution to it. If you choose the right socks to wear, not only full of fashion sense, but also very thin too! British style of leisure and elegance, has always been like many boys take the ride style. cheap nike basketball shoes Neat and tidy shirt to catch simple straight trousers, both without losing stability, but also with a bit lively, this time a pair of black socks, can be more prominent nike factory outlet ladder had a sense of hierarchy. Elastic waist stretching, not pick shape, to meet a variety of stature boys. Straight version of the type, simple but not simple, the overall calm colors, is a very wild single product. Solid color style classic fashion, ankle rib to help modify the ankle, slightly revealing shoes without losing monotonous. Pure black is very prominent temperament, boys essential wardrobe oh!

Hip-hop last year swept across the country, all the way to join the hip-hop tide, one of the pants nike sale into the socks to wear more is sought after. After the street, hip-hop full of personality, boys still do not learn it! Red and white English stripes on both sides, dotted with trousers, a small design of the feet played a good role in winter cold. The drawstrings, which are freely adjustable, bring a strong street style to the relaxed format. Good texture of cotton fabric, together with the black and green maple leaf pattern, highlighting the personality. The length of the tube to tie the pants, after the foot, bring full Harajuku wind. As the Buddha 90, has begun to mature, bare ankle is certainly a fashion nike shop trend, but also in the cold winter should pay attention to good health Oh! Try different socks!