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Home / News > How to wear high heels to show the body


How to wear high heels to show the body

If the rough heels longer wearing time, the actual pressure on the knee is not small. How to wear high heels to show the graceful figure does not affect the health? Buy high heels best in black nike shoes the afternoon when the three or four o'clock, because the body down the body of the body will be back in the lower body, 5% more than other times, if it is long standing, the lymph will increase nike shoes sale by more than 8%; so in size Choose the best half or No. 1. In addition, it is best to try to take 5 minutes to ensure that the shoes really fit and comfortable. Foot arch plus soft insole to wear high heels, you can put a soft insole at the arch, you can reduce the pressure on the soles of the feet. In addition, the heel height is best not too high, heel should not be too small, otherwise it is difficult to stabilize the support weight. Toe is best not to be too narrow, so that the soles of the feet and toes can breathe

Wearing points like wearing high heels of female friends, walking not more than 2 hours, so as not to affect the health. Women in Europe and the United States also like to wear high heels, but they are very concerned about the protection of their feet, walking must wear shoes, there are important occasions and then put on high heels. Reduce the weight of the body if wearing sandals-style high heels, wear high heels, to avoid the heavy items or backpack to reduce the center of gravity to reduce the risk of falling. Foot often massage often do foot massage, can relieve ligament pressure, but also promote blood circulation, to avoid foot and leg pain. You can wear up to high high heels, will be swaggering in the swagger at the same time, do not have to worry about throwing a somersault or a while to the toes pain? Researchers at the British Institute of Physics have recently given a formula: h = Q (12 + 3s / 8). The h in the formula represents the maximum height of the high heels in cm. Q on behalf of the social factors, its value or 0, or 1, by the high heels will make you look tall, the length of high heels, the price of high heels, high heels and whether the previous drink and other factors through comprehensive calculation. s represents the shoe number. Through this formula, the researchers calculated the TV series "Sex and the City" in the high heels should wear high heels heel height: when she was sober, wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes 12.5cm high no problem, but drank 6 cups After the cocktail, her heel height should never exceed 2cm.

Most people will always be relatively strong outside the calf, but also the muscle lines more obvious place. If the legs standing parallel to the left and right sides of the outline will be more conspicuous. Wearing high heels, legs standing back and forth, revealing the inside of the calf, not only people look more upright, leg lines are more slender, more slender. Do not wear high heels, feet and legs at right angles, legs look relatively short, there are O-leg tendencies. After wearing high heels, the calf muscles to mention, legs look slender, the gap between the legs is not obvious, legs even more straight! Once put on high heels, the body's center of gravity will naturally pull up, back straight, it looks a lot higher it Therefore, the whole body contours seem to have become more slender, the aspect ratio of the adjustment allows you to look a little thin down Oh. Sitting on a chair when wearing high heels can play a wonderful role in the modification of it. When wearing flat nike store shoes, feet and legs at right angles, legs look relatively short. And put on high heels, the whole leg are stretched, the contour is more slender.

Wearing high heels, the height of the waist than when wearing flat shoes significantly improved, giving a high impression. Heel to improve the body also sounded the alarm bell, waist seems to be suddenly tightened, and look more slim Oh! When wearing flat shoes, the center of gravity is low, the back of the muscles are not straight. Put on high heels, the center of gravity suddenly mentioned, the balance of the body have changed, the back nikes on sale straight, the muscles are more tense. Scapula stretch, clavicle and chest lines are also more beautiful. Hip lines are easy to show when they wear pants. Wearing flat shoes when the buttocks not only seem to sag, there are outside the feeling of expansion. Put on high heels, with the center of gravity to enhance the height of the buttocks also rose, and naturally look more Alice friends.