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Home / News > How to take the boots? My own way!


How to take the boots? My own way!

Big winter is still wearing a skirt, you will not be cold? Of course, in addition to the leggings, nike shox there is a stylish choice to highlight - boots. Boots not nikes on sale only have significantly thinner effect, but also allows you to spend elegant and stylish this winter. So how to take to make you beautiful as a landscape, unforgettable? Boots come out on nike shop the streets every year as fashionista arrives, but its momentum this year seems more violent. Not only nike shoes for sale warm and stylish knee boots across the streets, handsome full of neutral wind boots also occupy the hearts of people. Since the fall so far the figure of the boots has never dissipated, but become increasingly fierce Star Fashion show magic. And a variety of styles with the endless series of fashion, or big show long legs, or a sign of fashion. In short boots must be today's hot fashion circle single product. Boots and coats are the must-haves for a cold day. Coats stacked over your boots keep you playing in this cold weather. "The undergarment disappears." You mix and match a new height. The knee thin boots unique thin slender ankle effect, not only solved the trousers do not wear trousers, but also brought the trendy mix and match stack season, with a relaxed fashionable coat, minutes and slender tall is not a dream!

Fur coat is very popular in winter, excellent thermal insulation it is one of a single cold. Today, this jacket from the fashion design is stylish enough, but slightly fluffy feeling will be slightly bloated, so this time with the knee boots with warmth to build the upper body, the lower body is the right way to open the winter trend of the road . For the winter how to tide and warm this matter, is simply the same immortal little fairy puzzles, but this year boots and "quilts" down jackets completely solve this problem! See fashionistas have to wrap tight "quilts" out of the street, cover your feet from the neck, Jia sister think this must be the "warmest" winter! To see more than anyone else on the longer "quilts" down jacket and boots a strong attack it ~ boots with the truth is: how to wear all look good! Warm and trendy avant-garde boots, do not know if you have heart ~ Anyway, Jiacai wear it out tomorrow it! The use of can not afford the process design, make you more comfortable to wear, more comfortable to walk, but also with a good boots with a suit, can be considered a thin boot, autumn and winter with a coat sweater are appropriate Right Rough high heel with knee boots, wool knit elastic material for easy to wear all kinds of legs, knee boots designed to make big legs at a glance, elastic material wrapped strong shaping charming legs, thick with convenient travel, not tired. If you want to talk about the strength of the non-stop it ~ not only can plastic leg type, was thin, but also lengthen the body proportions, which is probably every girl pick shoes drunk heavy point. The biggest feature is still derived from its fabric, can not afford to drop, you can wear running shoes ~ each one has a different style and taste. The explosion of the bi boots every year, all kinds of network Red Street shooting star models can see it's shadow ~