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Home / News > How to match cheap nike air max the wide leg pants? How to match the coat and shoes?


How to match cheap nike air max the wide leg pants? How to match the coat and shoes?

Wide leg pants is completely one, looks hard, in fact, wild single product. But if it is a short girl, then pay attention to the shoes as far as possible selection of high heel Regardless of harness nike clearance store vest, casual sweater, shirt, casual shirt, each is a harmonious one. And wide leg pants themselves, both black and white, gray camel, stripes or checkered, leather pants or sports pants, are all full of tone. Shoes are also free to please, sports shoes, pointed high roots, fish mouth, flat bottom, ankle boots. The The Only you dare not, without it unworthy. Color pattern can be simple and elegant, high-heeled shoes with high safety, thick high-heel will do. Because the wide leg pants itself is already a high profile, and sweater is also a strong sense of existence, so do not choose other accessories too exaggerated eye-catching. In fact, saw so many street shooting, feeling the shirt is the most suitable with a wide leg pants, and really children are just how to wear, are appropriate. And because the shirt itself is very low-key, so add some eye-catching accessories, but also icing on the cake, so that the overall shape more level. Such as exaggerated big necklace, bright scarves, bright hand bag, and so on. But the color of the shoes may still be low-key point is more affordable.

Jacket, said the basic paragraph T with wide leg pants together may be risky, but if you superimposed on the appropriate coat, there is no such problem. Of course, an important attitude of nike trainers fashion, that is, break the rule, it is also encouraged to dare to wear the girls, any play, wearing a big deal back to the cloak room replaced, wear on the prospective children to wear a master of the standard. Bra and the umbilical short jacket, this fashionable and simple single product, with wide leg pants style is very consistent, nothing to pick, the color coupled with everything on the ground. Bra belly was more sporty, do not add exquisite gorgeous necklace this kind of accessories, and a sense of superfluous. Exposed nike shoes sale umbilical short coat can be appropriate to add some simple and elegant style of accessories. Do not be too eye-catching. If a single wear shawl shy, then add a casual jacket is no problem, cowboy, baseball these are OK.