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Home / News > How to do sports shoes to buy big? Do not lose! 4 strokes fixed up!


How to do sports shoes to buy big? Do not lose! 4 strokes fixed up!

In the era of special popular online shopping, many times, the face of shoes to buy how to do not nike shop understand, choose to return the black and white nikes goods and other ways to add a lot of trouble, time-consuming and laborious. Today, we teach you to deal with shoes to buy big how to do! Helpless size slightly larger, do nike sale not want this pair of shoes, and want to wear very foot, continue to see! Surprise full! From bottom to top shoes to take a good shoelash need to tighten from the bottom up a little bit, each perforation can try to moderate tension, so that you can make shoes on the feet to form a uniform package. Changing the lace mode If the correct lace mode does not solve the problem, then you nike shox clearance can try this tie mode, the change is in the final stage of the last two shoes with the shoe hole, increase the ankle fixation.

Pick the right socks and socks is also part of your foot thickness, the thickness of the different socks there is a significant difference. And if the shoes feet fat, thick socks can also play to fill the role of more space inside the shoe. Change the insole or pad an insole can choose a thick shoe in your comfortable shoes to replace the past, so as to indirectly change the foot of the shoe itself, the principle lies in the thicker insoles indirectly narrow the space inside the shoe.