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Home / News > How to clean and care boots


How to clean and care boots

Boots is a warm and nike outlet store stylish air max both a single product, but at the same time, boots are more difficult to take care of, with the general management of different shoes, then how to take care of it? How to clean boots? First to remove the smell. Because the foot is easy to sweat, the boots are inevitably smell, these odors must be clean, or "sleep", the smell still bothering you. In the boots, the smell is most concentrated in the insole, so put the old insoles instead. The boots are mixed with sweat and stains, breeding bacteria can also cause odor. Before storing the boots, use a deodorant spray that has a bactericidal effect, and then place it on a cool, well ventilated balcony and dry overnight to solve the problem. To remove the smell, to solve the wet environment inside the boots is also very important. Can be placed in the boots deodorant charcoal for hygrometer deodorant is very effective!

Use a very soft brush or a soft cloth to clean up the rough around the boots again. If it is leather boots, with a clean soft cloth stained with detergent, the surface carefully cleaned again. After cleaning and drying, you can spray waterproof spray, waterproof spray can effectively prevent some stains sprayed onto the boots, even if sprayed, it is easy to clean, boots, oiling, uniform marked, and then use some newspapers and the like waste paper pinch Into a group, into the boots, prop up the upper, into the desiccant, you can save it.

Upper: Remember, with a white toothpaste + water + soft brush + dry naturally! Other detergent or detergent on the colored ingredients will make the upper dyed, so the best toothpaste, white kind! Boots: Care methods such as the upper, soak in the water to be cleaned at about nike store Bacheng dry time to pay attention to the shape of the boot, or will be crumpled. Inside of the plush: with colorless and transparent washing liquid + water + light rub + gently twist off the water + natural drying, when Bacheng dry, available hair + small comb comb hair plush hair shaping, and then naturally dry. First with a sponge and toothpaste to clean, squeeze the toothpaste in the boot surface, and then gently scrub with a sponge, toothpaste is best to use the white kind, so as to avoid the colored components nike outlet store inside the shoe surface dyeing. When cleaning the inside of the fluff, just pour the liquid into the clean water, soak the dirty fluff in the water, gently rub it with your hands, and then gently twist off the moisture. Finally, use a hair dryer to dry the fluff. Then use a special brush to restore the hair.