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Home / News > How to choose sandals Choose sandals to make you "foot" beautiful enough health


How to choose sandals Choose sandals to make you "foot" beautiful enough health

The sandals of any material have the same thickness, fineness, and depth of color on the same pair. There are no cracks, hulls, and stains. In addition, the best sandals are not low, the best standard is not cheekbones.

From the current sandals on the market, the sandals are made of sheepskin, cowhide, synthetic leather, plastic, rubber, and sandcloth. When you buy sandals, you may want to ask the clerk for the sandals. The quality of the sandals is extremely emphasized. For men, wearing shoes in summer is a more tangled problem because ordinary sandals do not meet the needs of male consumers. At this time, leather sandals are the best choice for men, because the leather sandals can not only heat but also be solemn, whether it is at home or in public. Leather sandals are footwear products that are made by combining various types of crafts, including belts (faces) made of natural leather and synthetic leather materials and soles made of various materials.

Can be classified in the following ways, that is, according to the applicable object can be divided into male, female, children's leather sandals; according to the material can be divided into natural leather, artificial leather leather sandals.

When consumers choose a brand of leather sandals, they must look, touch, and try, that is, they can see, touch, and test. The specific methods can be selected as follows:

First check the upper and the shoe. First of all, we must check whether the material used for uppers meets the requirements. Common leather materials include cow leather, pig leather, and sheep leather. The leather surface should be smooth, fine particles, and high strength; artificial leather (imitation leather, synthetic leather, etc.) is relatively smooth. High-quality shoes leather is fine and shiny, and the main parts are colorless, non-disabled, and the fingers do not loosen behind the skin, and the coating layer does not fall off or crack. The material in the shoes should also be natural leather.

Next check the black and white nikes soles. The sole material mainly includes rubber and plastic, rubber and other materials, polyurethane (PU), and natural leather. General check whether the sole is flat, the pattern is clear, lightly press the sole with nails, good quality soles are flexible, soft and hard moderate, do not peel off. If there is spalling, dead hard, no elasticity, these soles contain low amounts of rubber, are not durable, and are easy to break.

Then check the heel, the cheap nike sneakers heel should be installed firmly, there should not be deformation or looseness in the handkerchief, the heel should be flat. The shoes can be placed flat on the counter, good quality shoes should be smooth, the back of the palm should all contact the table, hands do not shake, the same height with the heel shoes.

Also check the heart. Hook heart is installed in the shoes outsole and inner midsole play a key role in supporting the fixed position, the shoes flat on a sturdy table, according to the heart hook position, qualified shoes should not be soft, no deformation.

Also check the main heel and the header. The main heel is a key component of the backbone type, which is installed between the upper surface of the heel and the shoe. The bald head is a part of the toe shape and is installed between the upper upper and the upper. When checking, you can use your finger to press (speak) the main heel and the baotou, and the high-quality shoes should withstand the pressure. Put your hand into the shoe to check if the installation position is correct. If it can directly contact with the main heel, Baotou materials, then the process is unreasonable.

Because the difference between good leather sandals and ordinary leather sandals is really big, especially for men who need to run often, a pair of comfortable, good quality shoes is very important. If the quality of the shoes is too bad, then if you take a little more roads, you will feel very tired and very painful, so don't worry about paying for a pair of shoes. And don't forget to try on each time you buy a shoe, and try both feet and buy your shoes on the biggest foot.

Work inspection

The helper's needlework and help line are neat, and the help must be solid.

Buy pair style

Flat feet girls buy shoes should pay more attention to the fit of the shoes, when purchasing, you can first understand some styles on the Internet, and you can refer to those brands of the top ten brand network maigoo, you can choose to have a certain curvature of the bottom of the high, middle Sandals, laces are best in the middle of the instep, especially in this cross laces, help to improve the visual effect of the instep.

Buy right size

Even beautiful shoes, all black nike shoes if you wear too tight, must give up, if you buy nike sneakers it, your beauty will be very short. In particular, a girl with a fat foot should buy a bigger shoe so as not to overshoe the shoe, giving people a more bloated feeling. If it is a pointed shoe, the big toe should have a 1 cm margin with the toe cap.

For the girl with high back, it is absolutely easy to buy shoes. Any type of sandal is suitable for this perfect foot type. In particular, sandals worn on the back of the instep or strapped around the top of the instep, the beautiful lines will make your feet look beautiful. At the moment, thick-bottomed strap sandals are very popular. When you buy thin strap sandals, you must pay attention to the comfort of the straps. If you wear tight sandals, the feeling of binding is very difficult. If you choose the heeled and front hollow boat sandals, you should choose just the right or slightly smaller, or wear a period of time will be too lazy to wear out the feeling of stamping. If you purchase empty sandals, try inserting them with your index finger and trying to insert it as a standard to avoid over-tightening or loosening. For middle and low-heeled sandals with slippers, girls with thicker body and thicker legs don't want to take risks. In the end, the shoes are not suitable for their own feet. They can't see them and they can't feel them. Only the shoes themselves have a "very good idea". Therefore, when buying sandals, it is recommended to try on them and wear them right away. Do not be afraid to waste time.

When the summer season is over, are your feet just around the corner? Last year's style was out of date. In the summer of this year, hurry to buy a pair of beautiful and comfortable sandals to accompany you this summer.