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Home / News > Hit the foot odor problem! Also you have a tasteless summer


Hit the foot odor problem! Also you have a tasteless summer

There is no girl with Xiaobian, even if the high temperature of the summer also like to wear sports shoes canvas shoes out, but there will be a super embarrassing problem is: foot odor! Do you know how these smells come from? Human secretion of sweat in addition to moisture, salt, but also contains lactic acid and urea. In the sweat conditions, the bacteria on the feet of a large number of breeding and decomposition of horny protein, coupled with sweat in the urea, lactic acid, this will send a smell. If the shoes nikes on sale are airtight, the air is not in circulation, the smell will accumulate, the smell is unusually strong. So to keep the feet and shoes clean and fresh, is the most fundamental reason lies:

First, keep the pace every day clean, changing socks, to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and other substances.

Second, every day before wearing shoes in the feet rub some talcum powder, can play a certain moisture absorption effect.

Third, if the shoes too late to brush, that before going to bed in the shoes put some orange peel, toilet paper, or tea, etc., because these things have a certain adsorption, you can absorb the foot of the sweat part of the accumulation in the shoes Sweat can be effectively reduced deodorant ..... Of course, the most effective way to be able to ensure that the shoes inside the ventilated breath, do not give the foot odor problems can breed the environment, it is believed that the next single It is just right. Super satisfied with the net section of sports shoes, when you are nike air max walking, with the feet together with a fall, the shoes inside the air will kobe shoes follow the discharge, then the heat is not gathered in the foot of course, will not smelly friends. Hollow effect of sports shoes, directly to strengthen the flow of air, but also will not hinder it really wear effect, is not it looks very modeling sense, a total of three colors can choose. Star hollow breathable casual shoes, it is used pu cortex, the biggest advantage is relatively good care, both inside and outside the patch processing process, greatly increasing its durability, 34-41 eight size optional The

With a little bit of the effect of breathable small white shoes, the heel of the total height of about 5 cm, the most important thing is not to look very bulky, you can also choose according to their needs mesh, leather or Is hollow style. Differences with other styles, most of these shoes are used in the upper part of the yarn material, but the exclusion of the toe point, breathable effect better, and the toe of the stitching will play a protective role, accidentally knock to Do not have to worry about easy to damage. Very simple a hollow small white shoes, but at the heel to do a little hit the use of color effect, the distribution of the atmosphere is very young playful, it is worth a start Oh Rivet elements to join the small white shoes, the use of the first layer of leather material, above the vaguely visible lines, are the best for new nike shoes the quality of interpretation, the soles are rubber material, walking is not stiff more comfortable. Loose cake hollow small white shoes, the use of leather material, not only toughness and superior breathability and moisture absorption effect is strong, so if you will have easy to sweat the troubles, it must choose such shoes.