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Home / News > High heels: short girls increase the secret!


High heels: short girls increase the secret!

Height is not enough children's heart pain! Wearing clothes dare not wear long section, take the bus subway enough to pull the ring, with the tall station with no sense of existence, even curse no momentum! Do not ask why Xiaobian know! Weekend with three more than seven meters out of friends to play, completely wood has momentum! Crying in the toilet ~ Xiaobian home on the determination, must find something to make up for this shortcoming, so high heels became my secret weapon! Wearing high heels, not only height higher, and temperament suddenly raised up, usually dare not wear clothes, are worn black and white nikes on the body, simply gas field open cheap nikes ah! With Xiaobian like to increase the sister, I give you recommend this several high heels ~ high heels with fine and thick with the choice, fine look looks more delicate, look a little young, but not too for the control of the sister, A little more difficult. Rough with the safety of a little mature, we can take the necessary ~

Tip fine with, about 7-8cm. Sole is non-slip material, wearing a very safe. Ankle also added a cord, so that shoes more stable, more comfortable fit. Two colors can choose ~ worry can not control the high-heeled sister, you can choose this, the cat empty with very unique and very safe. Pointed to the feet can be more slender, with pants or groups are very nice. Featured high-quality leather enamel, full color and rich, delicate and flexible, comfortable and comfortable to wear. Metallic luster decorative fastener, blooming out of lebron james shoes your taste and elegant charm. The use of natural environmental protection rubber material, anti-skid effect is very good. The trend of color fight super female taste, it has a single shoe pioneer next year, the beginning of the trend of fashion tide shoes, put it not only the atmosphere, to show women everything temperament, fashion, and very suitable for different places! Height is not enough, shoes to Minato, this sentence is a bit wrong. Now a lot of work also need to wear a high heels, so girls prepare a pair of shoes is necessary.