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Home / News > Girl's age, from wearing high heels can be seen


Girl's age, from wearing high heels can be seen

As a woman we are always the sections of the beautiful high heels fans do not want, beautiful colors, exquisite style are all filled with the temptation and mystery, especially the super love high heels of girls, see the heart of the high heels Simply feet are not open, reluctant to leave. 20-year-old we want is to attract the eye to want a high degree, will naturally choose 7-15 cm high heels, 30 years old slowly to the nike free 5.0 mature, seeking stability, then choose 5-7 cm, 40-year-old woman often Rely on temperament to show beautiful, then wear 3-5 cm. Our life will go through these three stages, every age we are exudes a different charm, we kept changing in the constant growth, the most happy life of a woman is to have their own love of the family, followed by Mo Too beloved high heels. Shoes after several times after the plate was made to ensure that the shoes will not wear shoes, shoes, there are built-in thicker sponge design walking when stepping on a special comfortable, with a high degree of coarse with the combination of temperament is not Will feel tired for a long time tired The top of the back of the word with the above decorated with golden Liu nail, so that the whole pair of shoes with a little heroic Europe and the United States Fan children, but they do not think Liu nail to the shoes pulled down the grade, the girl's naked pink and Tough metal Liu nail perfect combination together, especially for a plain skirt.

Super girl with a strap of sandals, instep and ankle are bow elements, but they do not feel too naive, but let the feet become a lot of vitality, this height of the special sandals for young girls to wear , Age and very significant temperament. To lebron 14 say that stripe elements are essential elements of the clothes, then the black is the essential color of shoes, wild black with simple roman word buckle shoes is very simple and comfortable, every girl should have a pair Black high-heeled sandals, in order to meet the usual dress with the need. Full of youthful vitality of the nike outlet simple rough with the design, coupled with a round toe with a good age effect, make the overall mix is ??very amiable, bright patent leather material cleaning is very convenient, and with a little bit of the atmosphere In the inside, just for children who have just learned to wear high heels to wear. Shoes with the difference is not particularly big fight with the color, the two colors of the transition is very natural, metal Liu Nail decorated in the word with the above full of fashion and sexy, this high heels heel is not high, walking particularly comfortable Not grinding feet, is nike shop simply a summer skirt with the artifact!