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Home / News > Feet MM shoes to buy trouble, Xiao Bian one by one to help you solve!


Feet MM shoes to buy trouble, Xiao Bian one by one to help you solve!

But some babies hear this kind of word with shoes on the anger, that it looks good, but in fact very pick the foot, especially the kind of one word with sandals, the design of the entire instep only two tapes, very unsuitable Little fat feet wearing, cheap nike running shoes the meat will be completely exposed to the public under the eyes! There is the kind of thin high-heel models, the United States is the United States, is not dare to wear, or legs have to waste! Fortunately, designers are getting ground more gas, can experience the pain of our small civilians, without affecting the premise of the United States will be the word with a shoe design more comfortable and not pick people! Heel height and shape more and more intimate, approachable, more popular with the rough, with the low with the two with not only can achieve the purpose of our increase, wearing it even if the runaway all day seems gentle ... For the little and thin little fairy, basically all the words of the shoes can Hold live, especially the most classic one with a strip nike sale of sandals, revealing small toes and narrow instep, making the whole pair of shoes are Delicate, delicate, a woman taste up!

Retro style is also a nike air max small foot sister paper are easier to hold one of the style, and in the Mary Jane shoes is the best choice. Not only the kind of chronology of the eighties and the modern trend, and this kind of horseshoe with the effect of long legs is not better than thin shoes! Small but slightly fat MM can choose Mary Jane shoes, daily work or travel can wear Oh, especially practical! There is a kind of shoes to buy a particularly worrying foot small and more meat type, you have to choose the kind of wide, can be half of the bread into a piece of shoes, or even all-inclusive, I think this year The same popular Mueller shoes is a good choice. Not only high comfort, but also the perfect hidden foot type shortcomings, although the slippers but no longer afraid of others that we wear casual nike shop sloppy it!