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Home / News > Fall with these shoes with easy to wear out the goddess Fan!


Fall with these shoes with easy to wear out the goddess Fan!

Autumn is a gathering place for fashion, in the fall of many different styles can be a good interpretation, whether you like the winter of the prelude or summer nike store tail may be presented in the fall. The corresponding everyone in the choice of shoes will also find the choice of the range is very wide. Today we come to see what girls in the fall to wear shoes appropriate.

1, flat with a single shoes

Flat shoes with the highest frequency of wearing shoes, wearing high heels comfortable comfortable, but also more temperament than sports shoes, but also better match. Light-colored single shoes elegant wild, candy-colored single shoes highlight sweet and fresh. In the case of

2, temperament high heels

Want to have a feminine and elegant temperament, high heels naturally and ultimately, may not wear high heels every day, but there are always some occasions and ultimately, and some of the US clothing really only use it to support to hold up. In the case of

3, fresh white shoes

This kind of flat bottom with a small white shoes with no worries, with skirt fresh sweet, with pants casual fashion, the summer has a lot of girls to wear it, but it is more suitable for autumn wear, girl. In the case of

4, canvas shoes

When the high season, and finally go out to play some, when the canvas shoes is the best partner, wearing a comfortable sweater or T-shirt, coupled with Slim pencil pants, foot canvas shoes, open dressed in pleasant autumn tour. In the case of

5, retro wind Oxford shoes

If the retro art of the British Academy of the atmosphere of the atmosphere, the brown Oxford shoes is also essential to the first line, the atmosphere of low-key color and classic shape, after a time of the test, and a variety of lattice element is a perfect match. The shape of the shoes is the classic shape of the sneaker, but joined by the shiny material made of small flower shape modified on the upper, to enhance the brightness and shape of the shoes, it becomes the foot of the landscape, The upper material makes it has a good breathability, giving your feet a comfortable wearing experience. Thick rubber soles, soft waxy comfortable, excellent foot effect, with pants and jeans can be a perfect match. Simple and classic shoes shape, at first glance to know that it is the most classic kind of sports shoes, the use of high-quality leather after careful production made it comfortable touch of a good feel on the feet of the effect of excellent, Heel has a black leather material and rice white upper formation of the sharp contrast, simple and there is no lack of design sense, the shoe body with the pores, increasing the permeability of the shoes, walking is not dull stuffy. The bottom of the slippers is made of soft leather material, retaining the natural pores of the animal cortex and texture, moisture and breathable effect is excellent. Plus the elements of the rope to create a simple natural feeling, but with the shiny pearl intertwined, it brings a perfect visual effect, so that the shoes can be a good way to modify the feet of the lines, hit the color nike outlet of the elements to join in the Shoes body, more lining the feet of the skin white.

Shoes selected PU material with the production of sophisticated alignment, more grade, highlight the temperament. Inside is also made of PU material made of soft and comfortable and healthy, 1CM with high with the fine alignment and professional glue bonding, filling the foot of the Fanghua, soles of the material so that natural rubber, non-slip and wear , With the scientific design of the anti-skid, so that walking becomes more relaxed. Shoes with a minimalist design concept, a simple black and white collision has brought the most fashionable feeling, simple but not simple. Full of casual and comfortable feeling, selected high-quality materials made of the upper, with a comfortable touch, the effect of excellent foot. Thick soles, not only played a non-slip wear-resistant role, and because of the soft material, stepped up is also particularly comfortable, inside the material comfortable and breathable, so that feet free breathing. A pair of good shoes, not only kobe 11 to show beautiful leg lines, but also to reflect the owner's character and taste, and it will be able to make new nike shoes women in the social field more confident face individuals. Shoes, the upper has a shiny metal elements, an increase of the body of the brightness, embellishment on it, without losing the sense of design and beauty, to better modify the leg curve, heel height just right, it is just right.

Shoes are fine sheep with skin, not only feel comfortable and natural, visual is also very nice, not exaggerated. It is full of rich British wind, is a great choice for autumn travel. Uppers joined the shiny rivet elements, enhance the overall brightness of the shoes, so that shoes will not be too monotonous. Just the height of the heel also added a metal material trim modification, even more sense of quality. The overall color of the shoes is brown tones, low color darkness, highlighting the retro and elegant feeling, the shoe body some sophisticated traces, modified on the shoe body, bright metal side buckle and heel metal echoes, to enhance the shoes The brightness, Buzhi Yu too dull, it seems just right, especially for the fall of the dress, square head design so that the toes have plenty of space, on the foot feeling super stick.