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Home / News > Do not wear high heels, and this year popular wear Roman sandals


Do not wear high heels, and this year popular wear Roman sandals

Roman style retro sandals swept the entire T station, and a pair of flat, patent leather or color leather stitching, and with a sophisticated strap design Roman style Gladiator shoes, is the popular king. In the color, in order to echo the Gladiator's spirit of the ancient flavor, earth color, evening color, such as coffee, the original skin and other original color is this year's Roman Gladiator shoes mainstream color; the same time, lined with luxury suede, semi-precious stones , Or metal heel, rivets and buckle and other hardware accessories, more people can not ignore the existence of the existence of a sense of summer, and what is more comfortable than the sandals! That is a pair of super soft cow tendon sandals. This new product, this is very pleasant love! The insole is made with a bumpy design of the massage granules, and the long standing walk is really well suited. And the tendon bottom is really very light, put on several times are very comfortable everywhere. We usually wear a high heels who really need a pair of feet black and white nikes like the liberation of the United States shoes!

Flat sandy beige, with a combination of sequins, comfortable and non-slip, unique hollow design, more street sense, thick pine cake design, combined with polyurethane, vamps with soft cattle suede, inside the use of high-quality PU leather , Unknowingly increased by 5 cm. Simple word with a thin sandals, with a sweet bow is different. Custom metal bee, walking shining eye-catching, reveals a trace of mystery, pocketed eyes look nike air max back. Vacation, travel will be a big bright spot. Tie the nike air max elements of the prevalence of the moment, even the spring and summer sandals this position have to be occupied, and not to mention the comfort of ultra-fine texture under the experience, wild color, giving more fashion sense, surrounded by staggered Straps have been extended on the ankle, with the nature of the bow as a fixed, bone feeling rare, summer new products, flat robe thick bottom of the Roman sandals, combined with diamond mosaic process, comfortable and non-slip, unique cross-strap design, More street sense, thick pine cake design. Was thin and personality, thick design so that you do not know the increase, cross-style lace design, wild fashion, simple and generous button, two-color design, give you a comfortable all day.

Very beautiful shoes, feet filled with youth, relatively light and comfortable section, simple and generous of the Roman bandage, exudes a very good mix of breath, super comfortable, massage foot feeling, is waving to you, the feet will be unexpected Stovepipe modified foot effect is so a group of people, every time when the shoes complained, how so many shoelaces. Or wear a word buckle shoes, too bent buckle buckle trouble. Now put the child's Velcro to the shoes of adults, the heel on the heel is not let you think of the bag on the buckle. Coupled with soft non-slip soles, especially travel, how can the less so a casual and cool sandals? Roman sandals selection of high-quality pearl mosaic, personalized taste, tide set of elements, shoes around the Yanbian set rivet decoration, feel inlaid Nail strong and durable, nike shop not easy to fall, the soles are rubber soles, comfortable and soft, wear non-slip, so that walking to enjoy. Wild and stylish, is your best choice