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Home / News > Do not buy shoes in winter, these are more beautiful and more suitable for you


Do not buy shoes in winter, these are more beautiful and more suitable for you

?Today Xiaobian told you about shoes. As a woman, in addition to good clothes in the closet, the shoes are essential. Different clothes with different shoes, but no matter what clothes, you need several classic shoes, today's small series on the whole of this discount nike shoes year's most popular several shoes, look nike sale at these shoes, you have it? Pointed high heels must have, pay attention, there is no water that kind of Oh It is very sexy to wear, but also long legs. It is absolutely necessary wardrobe shoes NO.1. Black is always classic, whether you new nike shoes want to wear the intellectual or sexy, it can match the beautiful fashion. Many women do not like monotonous black and white, you want to wear bright shoes suction eyes, then you may wish to try the red fine high heel, or wine can be red, this year is particularly popular red wine Oh, especially skin white.

Gun color of the high heels is also very wild models, gun color high heels can be dressed very elegant, for dark color gun high heels can stretch your leg lines indefinitely. Every day will be high heels will make your feet tired, and sometimes may wish to change handsome Martin boots to wear, will make you feel particularly comfortable. This time a pair of Martin boots is very wild, but also cool Oh Winter to wear boots essential and ankle boots, giving away the handsome or sexy impression, boots style is relatively more flat, rough with, root can choose, the color, then the best choice of black, bare legs when the choice of black and white nikes nude color More leg length Another point, short girls must choose the tip!