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Home / News > Do not believe it! Such wear high heels, feet hurt but also heaven


Do not believe it! Such wear high heels, feet hurt but also heaven

Most girls want to look very temperament, cheap nike air max so how can a few nike outlet store high heels? However, high heels is really people love and hate, although wearing a temperament, but it is too tired, here are some ways to make you wear high heels feet hurt Oh! Usually do not wear high heels relative to too high heel, not suitable for you to wear, but also tired feet. When sitting, you can bend your feet, then stretch your legs, do not lift your kobe 11 legs, you can relax the feet! Foot often pay attention to maintenance, every night, have a foot bath habits! Step walking step smaller, so that the toes pointing to the front! Sexy pointy fashion high heels, wearing stylish elegance, very temperament, silver element, is also very popular this year, wearing sub-minutes to attract large eyes!

Super like this high-heeled shoes, kitten with heel, wearing a little tired, but also make you look more temperament, it is suitable for just out of high heels sister! Very unique high-heeled shoes design, wearing a very temperament, fine heel, wearing a little will not be tired of the problem, because of its texture is very soft! Fashion high heels, a variety of colors, there is always a color you like, wearing a very temperament, very stylish! Like sister started it! Stylish high-heeled shoes, the heel bow decoration, wearing a very cute cute, solid color design, stylish and generous, put on the feet very taste! High-heeled shoes made of bright leather material, full of texture, looking very high, square buckle design on the upper, so that this shoe is even more grade Oh! Trendy bean paste color high heels, this year is very nike shox clearance popular this color, wearing a very temperament, and looked very good grades, like sister can start!