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Home / News > Comfortable shoes fashion is not reduced points, so you become popular overnight


Comfortable shoes fashion is not reduced points, so you become popular overnight

Summer exposed thighs, spring dew what? Of course it's ankle! Spring wear trousers have to choose the nine version of the type, with a single shoe to the ankle fully presented, there is a yuppie youthful sense, it kobe 11 is important to be high. So the question came, what is a single shoe? Lace shoes, pointed shoes, casual heels, flat shoes, and so can be used in the spring and exposed ankle are considered. With the point so far we can understand, then introduce the shoes under the charm of foot! Like to eat the sister to eat, we must choose a very comfortable heel, such as thick with high heel, with or flat, wearing a safe all black nike shoes and not tired feet. Carrefour shoes are the biggest names out of the street favorite, low-style leisure and handsome style, with jeans is worth learning!

Speaking of shoes there are some special elements, such as straps, this connection design not only to ensure the stability of wearing, but also add a lot of elegant feminine, exposed ankle wear it has more points. Oh, oh, take a look at the correct way to open the shoes! Peas shoes in the appearance is very simple, generally only one to two decoration, opening large, mostly for the round and square soles, heel election with the rough, simple but classic, you want to choose the neutral wind right. Beige is very OL Fan, for your temperament points. Metal buckle decoration to enhance the texture and fashionable degree, the heel with pearl dotting was fine, worn on the feet of the girl heart nikes on sale is also full. Black fashion wild, red full of feminine, retro green show elegant. Thick with the design of a little bit of Meng kobe shoes Meng, it is suitable for lazy family, metal buckle decoration highlight texture. Black patent leather show young and trendy, metal round buckle decorative personality full, square head style does not pick the foot type, comfortable rough with very retro beauty.

Staggered winding straps to give exposed feet, a vaguely restrained beauty, elegant and sexy combination is very suitable for group control goddess Oh, of course, with nine pants there is a mix of personality. In addition, leisure ballet shoes and it inseparable, wear out very eye-catching. Shoes are all sheep skin, the feet are particularly soft and comfortable. Three-color optional, black wild was thin, gray temperament lead, red highlights gas field, pointed and high-heeled combination of feminine, coupled with the hazy beauty of the strap, really elegant and noble. Vibrant brown is easy to become the focus, Baotou empty design is very fashionable, with a strap connection to enhance the temperament, retro thick and comfortable with high. Small ballet shoes style, with a belt buckle stressed personality, checkered straps echo black bow, style is very sweet, sheep skin soft and suitable foot shoes with fine horse hair stitching soft leather, filling the grade. Rough design is also very unique, to meet your little personality, ribbon and lace together to add youthful atmosphere.