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Coarse boots with more than just comfort fashion weapon

Wear the first feeling with thick heels is comfortable, compared to slender high-heeled boots, it can be the weight nike store of the entire body evenly distributed in the feet, walking is very solid, not easy to get tired. Rough boots are not only pragmatists, but also nike shoes men a lot of influx of people into the street shooting, fashion degrees do not have to say, of course, is a suction tool. This year when we are unwilling to choose the shoes of mediocrity, only the metal with thick boots with this blingbling effect of the single product was included in the eyes of everyone, but if you prefer black coat, a pair of thick metal boots with the metal in the foot , Can really light the overall shape. Metallic thick heel boots look a bit cool, crude with the design to control it without stress, running and running are no problem. Velvet is also a major element of fashion this year, not only be worn on the body, even the boots also join in the fun. Velvet texture comes with a warm sense of detail, for fear of cold feet, is a big blessing. Put on the velvet thick with the boots, the shape of a bit more luxury nike trainers luxuriant, full of aristocratic Van children.

Tip design can be modified foot shape, high-quality velvet fabric is soft and dirt-resistant, the rear zipper ring embellishment to release modern fashion sense. If you want to try other styles, the letters rough with low-key unobtrusive boots, but full of street-style children, looks very special. This details of the heart is easy to catch the eye, all of a sudden you can get rid of passers-A's identity. Stretch fabric comfort no sense of restraint, boots mouth add bow straps, you can freely adjust the size. A single row of letters on the back embellishes the eyebrows, relieving pressure on both feet. Leopard thick boots look slightly complicated, however, as long as the simple atmosphere with the dress, it is easy to wear a sense of wild fashion. If your wardrobe is relatively simple single product, may wish to make more articles in the shoes. Ethnic prints full of exotic style, flat body square design, leaving cheap nike running shoes enough space for toes, rough with the design, more than comfortable, but also full of retro fashion sense.