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Home / News > Classic white shoes, interpretation of the daily fashion


Classic white shoes, interpretation of the daily fashion

This small white shoe allows you to wear a very tall feeling, and its upper with a color design, so little white shoes do not appear to be monotonous on the feet. Shoes are not only exquisite production process, the fabric used is also high-end. Spring and summer season, there must be white shoes, this kind of high-rise thick-soled white shoes is a petite sister's welfare single product. It is very relaxing and very comfortable to wear on the feet. The shoes use a splicing design, which is very layered in appearance. Thick-soled white shoes allow you to wear a bit more pure temperament, its style is very simple, the choice of the helper material also has a litchi pattern, so that the shoes look more texture. Increased shock absorber design also increases the comfort of the shoe several levels. Compared with lace-up white nike sneakers shoes, this flat-bottomed shoe with Velcro decoration is a bit more casual. This shoe allows you to wear more cheap nike shoes age-reducing, it is selected PU material, not only cost-effective, but also fresh and breathable. The choice of microfiber material also makes it more wear-resistant.

This type of small white shoe looks very simple in appearance, but it uses an internal heightening design, so wearing it on your feet can make you look taller. The selection of high-quality upper materials makes black and white nikes the shoes look more upscale, and the superb craftsmanship also shows the quality of the shoes. This small white shoe uses a leather material, which is not only simple in lebron 14 appearance but also more playful on the feet. Super thick bottom design is its major feature, and with such shoes, choose to use raw nine-point jeans is very appropriate.