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Home / News > Children wear shoes with special design is not good?


Children wear shoes with special design is not good?

About 10 months or so, babies start to try to walk, but the process is tough and lengthy for them. Depending on the circumstances of each child, learning to walk about lasts until about half a year. From standing alone, standing up to the squat, walking with help, and walking through two or three steps until walking alone, the children work hard to learn to start exploring the world. As the baby's parents, but also for the baby to start preparing their shoes, and some parents, will give the children to buy some specially designed shoes, then this kind of shoes on the child is really good? Now air max many parents will buy the baby with the kind of sound or step on the shiny shoes, that the baby just learned to walk, a very loud sounded, the baby will be very curious about such sounds and glow. Some parents encounter children always think of hug, but do not like to go on the ground, so buy them shoes to make them feel curious and thus more to walk, but do not know such shoes for children's development is actually not good.

1, this shoe will affect the child's walking posture

Children step on the foot, if the sound or light sounds, then the children feel very fun, will step new nike shoes down hard. Had to walk the action is the front of the ground, the center of gravity followed by the heel after the heel, so that the body is the normal way to walk. If the child deliberately walked by other means, the bad habit developed over time would have a negative effect on the child's normal motor ability.

2, not conducive to bone development

Baby found a ringing foot, will feel very strange so often will look down on the shoes. Often, they have an adverse effect on the normal development of their bones.

Lastly, I would like to tell parents that parents should try not to buy this specially designed shoes for their children and buy some comfortable and comfortable shoes for children to walk and practice. Some parents see their children always thinking about hugging and holding up their children. This is not conducive to their nike shoes men children's growth. They nikes on sale should give them more opportunities for freedom of movement and encourage them to walk around and explore new things.