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Home / News > Also wear shoes and socks stinky feet suit? Sandals silently laughed


Also wear shoes and socks stinky feet suit? Sandals silently laughed

Hot summer, the temperature soared, even if the socks and then thin and then sweat, cover in the airtight sports shoes that are all suffer. Hot high temperature people are gradually irritable, so hot days, why not how cool to how to. Many times, men are refused to wear sandals, because the feeling of sandals will make them feel fashionable appearance is indecent. In fact, if you with the right, you can still wear clothing fashion style. Wear businessmen who wear shoes, all of a sudden can not accept the embarrassment of the toe, may wish to try to do something on the shoes, business hollow sandals tough and refreshing image is never forget, elegant and with the release of feet, The liberation of personality, in the publicity introverted to find a balance, low-key and kobe 11 full of fashion. Speaking of sandals, most people still stay in the impression of uncle next door pull a pair of poor cool sandwiched picture. But the reality is far more than this, if the choice is appropriate, nike factory outlet sandals can be called the most fashionable with a weapon, a classic two bars sandals can make you a lot of fresh in this summer.

Do not like the cortex to bring the mature texture, loyal to the fashion sense of sports shoes, nike clearance may wish to consider sandals and casual shoes in one of the sports sandals. Sports style is not much limit, most people can easily control, temperament more sunshine. The kind of exudes a faint feminine feminine style of neutral style, so that the pursuit of freedom of men have been expressed. Think sandals style too man? Not enough girl heart? May wish to try the toe Roman wind sandals. No matter how fashion changes, retro style has always been a way to avoid the trend. Designers have been alone from the old time out of the peerless beauty, exaggerated avant-garde fashion has been turned to the real wear and vintage classic appearance replaced. More and more city people will choose to travel in the leisure weekend, away from the city, Shu pressure, regardless of climbing or wading, you can choose outdoor beach sandals, wear it to nike sneakers wander, traveled every season of land The

Starting from this summer, may wish to take off heavy shoes and shoes, try fresh sandals it. Will be comfortable lazy into life, so that your temperament and taste greatly improved.