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Home / News > A pair of good shoes among the handsome beauty can rely on it


A pair of good shoes among the handsome beauty can rely on it

Today to say that the shoe cabinet must be one of the basic models: Peas shoes, that is, there is no shoelaces, no buttons of the "one pedal", the English name Loafer. A pair of good shoes, make you more outstanding. Peas shoes it's backing. I believe nikes on sale you also feel it. A pair of shoes that have been so popular for so many years will certainly have its excitement. We specifically say it features first it is very good to wear, cautious side with, for a long time will not foot pain, but also go fast and stable. Light this point is enough to capture a lot of lazy beauty. Most nike clearance people wear it to match casual wear, which is also very consistent with the original use of Peas shoes. Daily casual jeans or denim shorts to wear handsome look, pedal Peas shoes can easily go out. And a small suit or suit, especially with a lot of men love to wear this way, women wear the same handsome handsome. It is full of tradition and innovation, superb craftsmanship and modern qualities of the perfect match to the rich level of detail, combined with dazzling colors, to create a classic and innovative new style, innovative soles designed kobe 11 to make Loafer rubber shoes particularly soft and flexible, Series of elegant and traditional in one, the use of lightweight leather and rubber soles, can choose strap or no style, to create urban leisure style. Color classification: brown, yellow brown, blue, white, black. Plate shoes category skateboard shoes is one of them, skateboard shoes for the skateboarding and production, wear. Skateboard shoes are more features, especially in recent years, there are many high-tech technology to add, in general, is to skateboarding skateboarding when more comfortable and continuous improvement of the design. The main feature is the soles have a buffer function, not necessarily have air cushion, lace with nike sale a protective design to prevent the wear, the most easy to wear the toe, the need for wear-resistant materials, tongue thickness, protect the ankle, there are a lot of stress , In the insole, heel, shoes inside, a variety of features, are for better sports effects, and more comfortable skateboarding feel. Skateboard shoes are good or bad, for a good skater is also very important. Under normal circumstances, choose skateboard shoes have some of the following attention.

Leather shoes refers to the natural leather for the upper, leather or rubber, plastic, PU foam, PVC, etc. for the soles, the seam Shang, glue or injection molding process and processing of footwear. Shoes breathable, moisture, with good health performance, is the highest grade shoes in all kinds of shoes. Leather shoes with the first layer of leather composition of the upper. Sandals, is a kind of toe exposed and Baotou two kinds of footwear, ventilated like slippers, but the sandals than the slippers thick, there are tail, a little more material. Can be divided into many types: a flat with, slope with high-heeled. Traditionally, sandals are the same as slippers, attending solemn occasions, doing running, and driving vehicles, wearing sandals inappropriately. However, summer to the beach walk, outdoor sports, amateur leisure life, but the most suitable to wear, but sandals. Casual shoes is a kind of footwear, the main feature is a simple to design, comfortable design concept to meet people's daily life work wear needs. The concept, connotation and function of casual shoes are closely related to this new life ideal and way. People with casual shoes shape, brand and connotation to decorate themselves, show themselves, from which to obtain a kind of aesthetic pleasure and symbolic spirit to meet. The most basic requirement of casual shoes is to be comfortable, lightweight, personality, so the protection and functionality will continue to be the two main features of casual shoes. Design is characterized by retro and trendy combination, the style will be more expansion, highlighting the flow line dynamic. Men's casual shoes shape more rational, pay attention to elegant and generous, simple shape, smooth. Women's casual shoes pursuit of comfort, elegance and dignity, modeling change is not.