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  • Also pick the right shoes to see here!

    We are from small to large, whether walking or walking, we can not do without the love of shoes - of course, for the likes of shoes are also feeling, after all, starting from dressing began to pay attention to what type of shoes suitable for wearing, Although sometimes it is very blind, but can not always stop looking for the United States shoes on the road, then come with Xiaobian to see what air max 90 type of shoes is the most suitable for girls. This series of single shoes girls will not be avoided, the foot does not bear to see it does not matter, as long as a good selection of shoes suitable for their own feet like to wear, sisters do not force themselves, wear comfort and comfort is Best of all, in fact, sometimes the first thing you see is the one that suits you best. Be brave enough to try it. A wild temperament single shoes to nike factory store wear full of gas, high-quality shoe fabrics on the feet comfortable but also breathable, with a skirt to wear a better look more lady fan. In fact, each single shoe is very leisurely and casual, and it is particularly light to wear, in particular, it is very comfortable to wear without walking. This shoe is very much liked by college girls. This single shoe feels very comfortable to wear, the exquisite shoe version design wears off the foot type and is also very slim, multicolor can choose wild fashion.

    It does not matter if you do not like the single shoes of a single shoe. You can try the white shoes that you can wear. The simple version is very much liked by fashionistas. Then our simple girls can't miss it. Simple but one hundred Take a casual fan full, you rush to this point you still do not mind it? Increase the design of white shoes to wear very high quality temperament, high-quality white shoes cheap nike basketball shoes fabric is very pure, with jeans must be very fresh temperament. Simple and fashionable white nike factory store shoes are worn with fresh trends. The flat bottom design is easy to wear and wears. It can be worn all year round. Little white shoes are not only fashionable but also very small and sweet. The decoration of the bows is smaller and the ladies can use the skirts. If you want to be a lady, you don't have to wear clothes. Oh, the matching of shoes is very important. The exquisite design is often more eye-catching, and the sense of fashion on the upper foot is doubled. It is the temperament of many sisters. One of the must-have items, and it's easy to wear throughout the year. The high-quality leather material is breathable and comfortable, and it is very fashionable and fashionable with the pants. The simple design doesn't seem to be tacky. The classic and atmospheric single shoes, which are worn in a foreign language and are of a good quality, are sure to be worn by the girls. They are very obvious in terms of feet and complexion.

    2018-03-16 10:32:18
  • Do not wear wide leg pants with these 3 pairs of shoes, who wear short legs!

    Wearing wide-legged pants is natural as eating and sleeping. Especially as the weather becomes warmer, the lighter and looser, wide-legged pants become the heart of the fairies. But what is your pair of wide leg pants this year? In fact, wide-leg pants are beautiful to wear, but it is not good to match shoes, especially recommended not to match these 3 pairs of shoes, especially the second pair you like to wear, and wide leg pants really nike shoes on sale not enough to take ~ a pair of old fire Shoes, but the old shoes, although retro, but it looks very heavy, and with a wide leg pants together, the overall light sense, especially small tall fairy, or use a single shoe to match, whether it is nine points or Trousers, all allow you to walk with wind ~ more high-heeled shoes added buckle elements, the lines of the feet increase the sense of visual extension, to a certain extent, can modify the leg lines. The basic style of high-heeled shoes brings more collocation possibilities to it. Pants and skirts are suitable for both legs. The wide nike shox clearance leg and denim plus straps make this trousers extraordinarily superior. The design of the trousers' slits and slits are very leg-length and straps. Some of the parts are slim, and the stylish print straps add a playful feel.

    Everyone thinks that the white shoes are wild models, but even if they are wild, they are not always available. For example, with wide-leg pants, there is always something missing, and it looks very academic and you want to be light Mature fairy temperament, may wish to match a pair of Muller shoes ~ minimalist lines and classic solid color let it have wild characteristics, soft leather will not let the feet too tight, foot-type heel design, so you wear out Sexual casual attitude ~ this year's very popular thin velvet wide leg pants, with a white side, distributed modern retro texture, version is a narrow wide leg, wear will be more neat and high, but also better ~ not good The fairies want to make themselves look taller and don't like to wear high heels. So they put on platform shoes, so they look clumsy on the stilts and make their legs shorter, especially when paired with wide-leg pants. , high cheap nike air max heels or internal increase is the right choice ~ how can a spring nike factory store without a windbreaker, the popular H-type windbreaker is the correct way to open this year, was thin and covered meat, delicate cotton fabric texture advanced, novel sand Brown, beautiful and white color ~

    2018-03-14 10:11:44
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