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  • This year's popular breathable casual shoes, fashion more personality

    Everyone has a pair of their favorite shoes. They wear it every day. They black nike shoes don't feel tired of it. They love shoes. They can be high heels, shoes, sandals, casual shoes, and more shoes. Everyone The skill of the outfit is not the same, the pursuit of self-image is also different, but Xiaobian is still certain that this pair of shoes is cute! Casual shoes classic fashion comfortable and comfortable wild, but when the trend of the atmosphere, you see it as a single product of true love, you can be a considerable person you will enjoy life Oh! Increased casual shoes in the leather to meet the long leg dreams of short girls, seemingly very bulky shoes, in fact, it is not really heavy, very light, nike discount store simple design, generous shoes, not age, not Pick the foot type, as long as you like, give you an unexpected surprise, leisure and wild, Xiao Bian believe that it's simple but will not lose face value and taste, will be your shoes cabinet high street rate of a pair of shoes. Psoriasis hollow leisure pedal 3cm heel +3cm within the increase, you and the ideal difference between the shoes. The upper has a classic hollow design, a stylish, breathable, breathless feel. Comfortable shoes fit the soles of the feet to give you the most comfortable wearing experience. Followed by the application of cushioning technology, give you a zero burden of sound wear.

    The first layer of leather hollow leisure leisure pedal, whether white shoes or small black shoes are the stars of the necessary classics, the so-called classic is how to wear all wear wild, comfortable leather material inside, do not buy it on the loss. Mesh stitching PU material, embellished rhinestones simple atmosphere without losing the sense of fashion. There are three colors: black, silver and white. The most heart-watering person is silver. It is neither as white as publicity nor black as low-key. It is like, no cheap nikes way. Mesh breathable sports shoes, do not worry because of height problems, smart learn to wear nike running shoes such high shoes! Breathable, comfortable, like friends do not miss it.

    2018-03-24 10:22:12
  • Why shouldn't the legs stretch when walking in high heels?

    It is known through the high heels that when walking, it is always felt that the legs are bent, that is, the thighs and lower legs are always curved, as if they nike factory store are walking on stilts, giving people a feeling of discomfort. Have you ever wondered why wearing a high-heeled walking leg would not stretch straight? Xiao Bian summed up several reasons. The first point: He was not used to wearing nike factory outlet high heels. He always felt hesitation. Therefore, to wear high heels is to go to practice slowly, wear high-heeled shoes every day for half an hour, and get used to it. The second point: The leg is not good. If you have O-shaped or X-shaped legs, you wouldn't have straight legs. Of course, walking legs in high heels is also curved. So it is recommended to do a leg adjustment. The stylish tassels are strapped to each other and are patchwork, emphasizing feminine femininity, and revealing the delicate heel is sexy but unobtrusive. The care of matte leather and rubber soles will make your trip safer and more comfortable. The combination of flesh and wood, the color coordinated above, it looks like it is a color, plus metal elements on the straps, so that the shoes have a retro atmosphere, the soles of the leather more wear-resistant, dirt-resistant.

    The goddess is fresh, beautiful, and there is no sense of grandeur. The romantic and cheap nike air max chic is sexy. The pointed and elegant heel is very beautiful. It's really not a point to pick people. Usually, the jeans or the skirt are very nice and thin. It will not be both outdated and slimmer. This trousers will not be enough for the design of hollow uppers, which will add a sense of beauty, but will bring a touch of coolness to the boredom of nike outlet the summer. The skin is more white and tender, with nail polish and more eye-catching. Plaid elements and ribbon elements together, easily adding the color of the strap elements, plus the texture of the upper surface of the matte leather, elegant and intellectual design, soon replaced a lot of return rate. With a combination of thin straps and low-heeled trend design, the shoes also feature a striking dark color that enhances the fashion of the shoes, and a bit of length can be used to better elongate the lower body. The small rough design will not be very high, but it will also play a role in stretching the foot, or the design elements of the cross straps. In this summer, it will always be the trend of the trend, and the fleshy shoes will be even more versatile.

    2018-03-22 10:20:04
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