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  • This pair of shoes is best for women in the workplace

    When it comes to the workplace, it is necessary to mention single shoes that are suitable for wear in the workplace. Compared to casual white shoes, sports shoes, and single shoes, they can reflect exquisiteness and elegance. Fine shoes, should be the initial fantasy of every girl in the workplace, wearing professional wear, stepping on a pair of fine heels, unconsciously straight back, full of self-confidence. Ballet slippers have always been hot in spring and summer. The small bow on the toe is full of petite feeling, and the shallow mouth design reveals more feet. Whether with skirts or trousers can be visually high and thin. The emergence of Love Shoes has brought happiness to women in the workplace. The Lofo Shoes with neutral attributes can bring a casual and unconvinced style to the overall wear, and it is even more comfortable to wear a shoe. Vintage elements nike factory outlet prevail, of course, Mary Jane shoes on the final, Mary Jane shoes comes with girls feel, is a very classic style, wear the overall attention to simplicity, and the shoe's retro gas phase.

    V-mouth bow with low shoes. The three-dimensional small bow and the classic design of the small V, add a stylish, comfortable low-heeled design, and protect the skin. Squid leather stitching leather sandals. The word design is cool and stylish, and the rubber sole is comfortable and non-slip, with both style and comfort. Pearl round thick with Le Fu shoes. The first layer of leather absorbs moisture, is not easily deformed, and has a delicate round head design. It is more suitable for Asian women's feet, nike trainers and the helper's nike clearance pearl is elegant and delicate. The upper is made of imported calfskin, which is durable and not easily deformed. The square head is exquisite, black and white, and fashionable. Soft sheep's suede, delicate and comfortable texture, reveals the intellectual charm of urban women, black knots embellish the uppers, elegant personality. Metal buckles capture the fashion elements in the details, adding a sleek aesthetic to the upper, and comfortable nike running shoes round heads allow plenty of space for the toes. Brilliant crystal and double horizontal adjustable belt design, gracefully showing girls attitude, pig leather inside, breathable, good perspiration.

    2018-05-23 10:09:55
  • Fish mouth sandals out of the shoes to do Office fish sandals not to do with the feet how to do

    1, use wet wipes to cover the non-fitting parts and then blow it with a hair dryer.

    2, can paste the affixed or sold to sell the kind of wear-resistant transparent silicone small round paste, buy a few stick in the sandals, outside can not see. (The easiest method to use)

    3, to buy a pair of stockings to prevent this fish mouth shoes feet, is a kind of stockings exposed toes, wear will reduce the situation of grinding feet.

    4, wine leaching

    (1) Pour the white wine (about 25 grams) into the new fish mouth shoes, shake it several times, put it on for an hour, and then wear it. The cortex is no longer hard and the shoes are no longer pinch.

    (2) If it is the edge of nike factory outlet the fish's mouth shoes, such as the heel of the foot, the wet paper towel can be allowed to dry and then fully saturate the white wine. The leather shoe part is fixed on the worn foot with a clip, and the cortex is softened overnight and then worn the next day. Will no longer rub your feet.

    5, pressure method

    (1) If the edge of the new fish mouth shoe is worn, use a wet towel to rub the foot for a few minutes to make it moist and soft.

    (2) Then use a cylindrical object (such as a glass bottle) to force pressure several times, the pressure of the feet will be smooth and smooth, and will no longer wear the feet.

    1, in front of squeeze feet, pad heel pad, to solve the shoes do not follow the feet.

    2, shoes do not follow the foot, is a big shoe, pad insoles, or wear thick socks.

    3, if high-heeled, thick-bottomed, and non-daily factors are all on par with each other, it would be even more tragic if they do not follow the foot. Only add a beautiful ribbon, ribbon or metal chain as nike shoes for sale a shoelace.

    4, the sole is too thick, making the shoes not walking with the feet. In particular, thick-soled high-heeled shoes are not easy to follow because of their increased weight. You can add foot mats and fasten the laces if you have laces.

    5, if you wear smooth stockings, the shoes will not follow the feet, you can only wear shoes with straps, or use the ribbon to fix the shoes, or else take a step away.

    6, the size of the shoe is right, if you still lose the foot, it may be the relationship between the heel of the heel, you can add a half yard pad in front. The shoes are so big that they cross the big ones, so when you buy shoes later, you need to buy a little tighter ones, and after a few wearing them, you will be well-fitted.

    What are the reasons why the fish mouth shoes do not follow the feet?

    One of the reasons why the fish mouth shoes don't follow the feet is that the shoes are too big

    How to do if the fish mouth shoes are big? Too big a shoe is the most important reason why a fish's beak shoe is not in contact with the foot. Many women may choose a big size shoe for various considerations when choosing a shoe, so this leads to wearing it. Do not follow the foot.

    The cheap nike running shoes second reason why the fish mouth shoes do not follow the feet: the structure of the shoes themselves

    The design of the fishbill shoe itself will have some reasons not to follow the foot. Although the fishbone shoe is beautiful, the reason for its shoe type is that it causes people not to follow the foot in the process of wearing.

    The third reason why the fish mouth shoes do not follow the feet: the reason of the feet

    Some people do not wear shoes with their soles purely from their feet. For this reason, they must choose their own type of fish head shoes. When buying, they must use their feet to try.

    So how do fish head shoes do? Here's how to solve the problem:

    Suggest some soft cotton pad or soft cloth in the tip of the fish mouth high heel shoes, you can also add an insole, the nike shox clearance shoes are filled, the feet will not run forward, you can improve the fish mouth shoes do not follow the foot This situation.

    In addition, when buying shoes, you must try more and take a few more steps.

    If your foot is very thin, walk up and run forward, the feet of the card is very painful, it is recommended not to buy high-heeled fish head shoes, flat, low-heeled or wedge-shaped with a good choice. If it is too large, then pad a relatively thick insole. If you are too young, you will need to get a shoe repair shop. They have professional tools that can help increase your shoes.

    What if the fish mouth shoes do not follow the feet? How to do the fish mouth shoes total slip? The above Xiao Bian analyzes the reasons why the fish mouth shoes do not follow the feet, and the solutions that do not follow the feet. Ladies can collect them slightly. Of course, there is a problem of how to do the front of the fish mouth shoes, but also need to understand Oh, for to go out, fish mouth shoes can not be less than oh.

    2018-05-21 10:12:41
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