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  • How to win a pair of knee-high winter cold boots

    There are three good knee boots, knee pads, warm feet, increase the gas field. Long boots, covered his knees, the knee and calf protection is in place, warm and comfortable, there are velvet inside, cold can not attack, so long boots, the gas field after the natural increase greatly Not to mention there are thick with the design, every step, full of momentum. Another advantage of over-knee boots, that is, stovepipe, especially the fleshy part of the calf tissue paper, it can cover everything for you, for you to build slender graceful leg type. Unlike leather boots, this time using stretch cloth to build boots, stovepipe function even better, there are leather upper leather design, with the mirror as a general light, easy to wear large legs. Sister paper on the quality requirements of the choice of leather boots, leather breathable better, better warmth, of course, the kobe shoes price does not seem so cordial it wants. Just take advantage of the New Year's time to start a, is also a good choice, hard year, how have had to give yourself a comfort award. Over knee boots always accompanied by high enough to taste, because the boots long, it is not as shallow as high heels hard to drive slaves, but also not tired, if you nike sneakers can also choose to have a waterproof platform, reducing the relative height, Better to wear and look better. The plush decoration at the top of the boot gives a light, luxuriant look that emphasizes taste and style.

    Nubuck leather boots, no patent leather so shiny, even more low-key, although the momentum of the weak, but more casual temperament a bit more casual. Fit with some casual clothing, interpretation of the trend of the street Fan, high-heeled still is standard, cheap nikes higher, hip, stovepipe, serve multiple purposes. This year, a bit popular this knee-length boots made of elastic flannel, because the boots have a good stretch, do not have to worry about the cheap nike sneakers thickness of the legs can not wear happen. More gratifying, this fabric is also waterproof, no fear of the rainy winter. Of course, the leather boots are still the mainstream, especially the leather boots, high-end quality, from wearing the experience to visual effects are superior. This paragraph is made of first layer of leather refining, different from the second layer of skin, the first layer of skin is more delicate and more shiny, texture better, if the budget is sufficient, choose it.

    2018-02-24 10:27:19
  • Fish mouth canvas shoes with tips

    Canvas shoes is a popular single product, it is also more and more styles, such as fish head canvas shoes. What is the fish head style canvas shoes? Refers to the top of the toe fish mouth-shaped hollow, fish mouth shoes popular in the 50s just bare one or two toes design, also known as open toe shoes. Fish mouth canvas cheap nikes shoes with tips? Like leather shoes with leather pants is to talk about the overall effect, canvas shoes empathy. Fish mouth canvas shoes collocation is best with cloth clothes, the overall effect will be better. Such as canvas shoes with sweater and casual pants, the overall look of youth and vitality. Spring and autumn, you can use the fish head canvas shoes with pencil pants or Slim jeans. Do not wear too thick coat, because canvas shoes are the feeling of lightweight sports, wear on the bloated will lose this feeling. If it is with a sports suit with canvas shoes, it must be the nike shoes for sale same color, so as to show fashion and vitality. Some boys take casual shoes with canvas shoes, but also wear out with different effects.

    Today, the trend nike shoes men of sports swept the entire fashion circle, fish head canvas shoes with a lot of options. Jeans, sweater is no longer essential with canvas shoes. Watched many trendsetters, celebrities dressed in various public places, we can find with canvas nike shox shoes with a dress, casual suits, but also very good color. Therefore, the pursuit of the trend of you, may wish to try a variety of canvas shoes mix and match a single product, such as fish head canvas shoes with elegant dress, showing cute cute. And even stars, with canvas shoes with a dress, the effect is even more unusual.

    2018-02-22 10:19:32
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