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  • How to choose flat shoes? Flat shoes with skills

    Like to wear high heels MM, you need to wear a pair of flat shoes to wear, reduce the burden on the feet, do not like to wear high heels MM, Korean flat shoes is a good choice. Fashion flat shoes are every MM's essential fashion items, and comfort should start from the feet. Do you believe that sexy is actually the most demanding of every woman, whether it is natural or handsome, there is a sexy instinct to pursue. The leopard design elements as the representative of sexy and charming, by many women's pursuit. Royal blue and leopard stitching flat shoes, lightweight version of the design, greatly reducing the burden on the feet, the original sexy so simple. Silver with a touch of light, this glamorous light belongs black and white nikes to a woman. The pointed design of the shoes allows the elegance to bloom from the tip of the toe, silver and gold stitching, exudes a more unique light. Hollow-designed flat-bottomed shoes, creating a perspective of beauty, are very popular this season. The slender layout design plays a very good role in modifying the foot shape, making the feet more slender.

    The perspective design beauty created by the cheap nike shoes glass glaze, this transparent shoes are loved by many fashionistas. The selection of rough wool cloth makes the shoes have a unique texture and the texture effect is very obvious. Trapezoid design of the toe, unique design aesthetic, golden toe play a decorative and decorative role, exudes elegant atmosphere of temperament. The white lace gives a dream and romantic beauty, while the black lace enhances the femininity. This pointed flat shoes, the choice of black lace fabric, so that the shoes have a clear texture, strong texture. Black leather and lace play a mosaic effect, enriching the overall sense of depth. The metal color design of the toe cap has played a role in embellishment and installation. The same lace design, and this single shoe in the royal blue leather lace elements added to the traditional Chinese paper-cut technology, emitting a touch of Chinese style. Royal Blue combines the deep blue texture with the new nike shoes light blue color, and is therefore loved by many fashionistas. Royal Blue has been very popular since the previous nike shop season. The tip of the metal design allows elegant and noble temperament to bloom from the tip of the shoe.

    2018-05-25 10:09:38
  • This pair of shoes is best for women in the workplace

    When it comes to the workplace, it is necessary to mention single shoes that are suitable for wear in the workplace. Compared to casual white shoes, sports shoes, and single shoes, they can reflect exquisiteness and elegance. Fine shoes, should be the initial fantasy of every girl in the workplace, wearing professional wear, stepping on a pair of fine heels, unconsciously straight back, full of self-confidence. Ballet slippers have always been hot in spring and summer. The small bow on the toe is full of petite feeling, and the shallow mouth design reveals more feet. Whether with skirts or trousers can be visually high and thin. The emergence of Love Shoes has brought happiness to women in the workplace. The Lofo Shoes with neutral attributes can bring a casual and unconvinced style to the overall wear, and it is even more comfortable to wear a shoe. Vintage elements nike factory outlet prevail, of course, Mary Jane shoes on the final, Mary Jane shoes comes with girls feel, is a very classic style, wear the overall attention to simplicity, and the shoe's retro gas phase.

    V-mouth bow with low shoes. The three-dimensional small bow and the classic design of the small V, add a stylish, comfortable low-heeled design, and protect the skin. Squid leather stitching leather sandals. The word design is cool and stylish, and the rubber sole is comfortable and non-slip, with both style and comfort. Pearl round thick with Le Fu shoes. The first layer of leather absorbs moisture, is not easily deformed, and has a delicate round head design. It is more suitable for Asian women's feet, nike trainers and the helper's nike clearance pearl is elegant and delicate. The upper is made of imported calfskin, which is durable and not easily deformed. The square head is exquisite, black and white, and fashionable. Soft sheep's suede, delicate and comfortable texture, reveals the intellectual charm of urban women, black knots embellish the uppers, elegant personality. Metal buckles capture the fashion elements in the details, adding a sleek aesthetic to the upper, and comfortable nike running shoes round heads allow plenty of space for the toes. Brilliant crystal and double horizontal adjustable belt design, gracefully showing girls attitude, pig leather inside, breathable, good perspiration.

    2018-05-23 10:09:55
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